Your management team is more likely........

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    to lie, make excuses, and lose a customer than you full time and part time drivers ever will. First of all, today was a holiday. A customer was expecting a large shipment today which they needed desperately and was scheduled on time delivery for today. Well we all know UPS will cut routes on Mondays. My customer did not receive his packages because there were 2 routes cut and the other 2 routes trucks were completely full and his packages would not fit to make it out for delivery today. When customer called in concern, they told him that it show in the "UPS System" that this business was going to be closed on Mondays. WHAT? This business has NEVER been closed on Mondays! Besides, the driver had 2 packages for this business today! The other 16 large boxes stayed in the building! UPS also told this guy that he could come pick his boxes up. ARE WE SERIOUS? Think about it drivers, UPS will suspend YOU and FIRE YOU for missing a bulk stop with 16 packages no matter what your reason would be. This customer knows UPS management is Lying! Every UPS part time and full time employee should know that your UPS management personel will cover themselves in situations like this. But if you make the mistake as a Service Provider, your fired! Nice job of taking care of the customer management!
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    this isnt anything new.
  3. DS

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    never ...did this happen to you?
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    Maybe a service provider put him in as closed on Columbus day?
  5. TheDick

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    Or some other driver was directed by center team mngmnt to CLH the bulk stop.
    Oh yeah "your management team is more likely to ask you not to report injuries so they can win some inter building contest for safe working days
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    We just need a new code for non delivered pkgs's.
    Punch 10 for code WNF.-( would not fit)-
    It is just not be economically feasible for UPS to put more cars and drivers on the road, to provide service in this depressed economy.

  7. soberups

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    You need to look on the bright side..... the customer may indeed have gotten screwed over, but at least your center met its Stops Per Car quota for the day. Right now, even as we speak some nitwit from Corporate is probably sitting in his cubicle in Atlanta and looking at hundreds of SPC reports from all over the country while pleasuring himself. The customer will get his packages tomorrow, and life will go on.
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    And UPS loses yet another customer to the competion. Atlanta STill doesnt have a clue!
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    They should have thrown it on me. My car was EMPTY yesterday.

    It's today I'm worried about....
  10. Dragon

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    Nope, that nitwit has been replaced with the nitwit who now is demanding no overtime for 22.3 or PTRS.........instead of reducing SPC so we can manage driver over time. Saved the company $31.35 last week....we are on our way boys.

    The first nitwit was told he was assigned to work in operations for peek and had a nervous break down and now will be out for peek on stress leave........
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    What happened to the idiot? Was he/she replaced by the nitwit?
  12. Dragon

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    Idiot has not been confirmed as an idiot - but we are solid on the nitwit.
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    +1 LOL
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    So they intentionally held the packages because they won't fit on Monday to put them in a car that they won't fit into on Tuesday? How did they save a route? Won't the packages take the same amount of space the next day and won't it still take a driver and a route to deliver them? The stops per route goal is different on Monday?????
  15. brownmonster

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    This is an example of the time gauranteed hundred weight service we brag about. Kind of like the SSI accounts.
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I look forward to his posts on here.
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    Ok here it goes. Let's see if I remember this one on road sup is running misleads in a p500. He or she is at a two way stop sign and pulls forward a guy on a motorcycle is going by. This member of the management team pulls out and runs the man on the motorcycle off the road and keeps on going. I guess he or she dosent or has amnesia when is questioned by police and members of the management team.

    On the other side of town another onroad sup is running misloads in there personal car. He or she gets rear ended at an intersection with five or six misload in the car and has to go to the hospital. Two count em two 2 2 tier 3 three accidents in two count em 2 hour in one 1 day.