holiday pay

  1. draxmoon

    Black Friday Hazmat Auditor Pay

    Hey everyone, I'm new to BrownCafe so hopefully I'm posting this question in the right thread. I didn't know where else to turn to as NO one in my area is giving me a definite answer lol. Quick background of my job here to better assist in answers: I am a part-time hourly Hazmat Auditor and...
  2. StayingAlive

    Part-Time Management Tuesday-Saturday Holiday?? (On Topic)

    So, HR has told us that the Tuesday-Saturday PT sups and FT specialists get an extra day off at some point when the holiday falls on a Monday, also known as an unscheduled day. This year, New Year's and Christmas fall on a Tuesday. In our building, the T-S sups worked Monday (Christmas Eve)...
  3. U

    Holiday pay

    My understanding is you have to be with UPS for a year to receive holiday pay. I’ve worked pre load only since beginning October of this year. My sup brought me a check and wouldn’t tell me what it was for until he told me I was the 1 exception that got holiday pay and to not tell anyone who...
  4. Benben

    The loss of Black Friday as a holiday.

    OK, just a little preemptive, please think about this! I have seen it brought up in a couple of threads. Since the nightmare peak a few years back one of UPS's "solution" to fix missed X-mas deliveries was for us all to work the day after Thanksgiving (DAT). In the Central for DAT we were...
  5. unloady

    Holiday pay

    Hey guys. So I used a paid sick day last friday. Called in one hour before start time. Just looked at my time card and it says for monday (memoirial day) that I did not recieve pay for that day. Heard from the older guys that you have to clock in the previous scheduled working day to recieve...
  6. U

    7 day punch on Saturday on 1/6/2018 double pay

    My manager is telling me I can’t work this Saturday because I’m not a Tuesday-Saturday. I told him I was off for New Years on Monday so I should be able to get my 5 day punch, but they don’t want me to get a 7 day punch double time. What should I do?I have 15 years with the company I don’t see...
  7. RuthlessSupSlayer

    Holiday pay

    I have been qualified since October 2017 so my question is do I have to wait 12 months again to get the 8hours at driver rate for holiday pay?
  8. unloady

    Forced Saturdays

    Hi, been lurking here for awhile. Lots of useful information and good laughs. Been a package handler for 3 years now. Im in Local 63 and management is giving the mandatory Saturday demand. I am a M-friend employee. Steward has not been present latley and I was wondering if they can require Saturdays...
  9. charmschool

    Friday after Thanksgiving: 1.5x?

    Am a new fulltime permanent and worked the Friday after Thanksgiving. Was told by another driver that day is 1.5x. Is this for everyone or only drivers with seniority? Also for drivers with direct deposit, how do you see your paystub? Also, where's the employee handbook?
  10. M


    Is there a reason why UPS is not paying their employees before the holiday? Every employer that I have worked for paid you before the holiday.