1. D

    COLA is a 33 cent adjustment to top scale

    I’m going to walk through the contract and math so that we’re all able to be on the same page. The following two paragraphs are the determining factors for the cost of living adjustment (COLA): Summarizing Article 33, paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 ‘COLA is based on CPI-W, published by the BLS...
  2. O

    PT Package Center Supervisor Salaries

    I have been working for UPS for 22 years I currently make $25 an hour and am paid based on 27 and a 1/2 hours. I believe I am underpaid and curious what others make and how long they have been with the company. My location is Phoenix AZ.
  3. Dirtygerbils

    Skilled worker?

    Am I a skilled worker and do I deserve skilled worker raises? Started in 2012 at 18 Unload for 2 years @1400pph 96% labels scanned everyday. Primary sorter. You'll rarely rind me telling my unloader to stop Smallsort sorter/bagger no big deal I am frequently called over to help the DMP guys...
  4. R

    Part Time Raise Question

    Been lurking here a decent while, decided to post because like many of you i am very disappointed with this contract proposal. I have 2.5 years seniority in the preload, and on my seniority date in January i was scheduled to go from $12.00 - $13.00 dollars due to progression. My question is...
  5. cheryl

    What can 83 cents an hour buy you? A UPS-Teamster contract

    What can 83 cents an hour buy you? A UPS-Teamster contract - Supply Chain Quarterly Will 83 cents move the needle for more than a quarter of a million UPS Teamsters? That is the annualized hourly wage increase, spread out over 5 years, that full-time unionized UPS workers would receive if...
  6. O

    January vacation. ...please read

    For anyone who took the first few weeks of January for vacation. Check your paycheck the company now has the practice of just paying 40 hours and not a 1/52 of your yearly total. And they're claiming they didn't have time to figure out the math. Please spread the word and ask coworkers to check...
  7. T

    Yearly driver raise question

    So I’m coming up on my first year of driving in March, but I started training in the end of January so that is my building seniority date on the sheet. (I had to wait for a route to open up) Do I get my first raise on my building seniority date or my first week driving?
  8. A

    UPS Cartage driver Top Rate???

    Does anybody working for UPS CSI know the top rate for drivers in the central region? I'm under the impression it's the same progression scale as the normal brown package car drivers but I'm not entirely sure. Any info is appreciated.
  9. D

    Skilled pay raise

    Hello, I had a question regarding skilled position raise for local sort. I couldn't find anything in the contract (western region) that listed a specific dollar amount, rather, just what you get when you move into the position ($11). I was at $10.50 already and so I only received a $.50 raise...
  10. K

    No raise in August? "On Topic"

    I have never used this forum before however I have been on here a lot of times and have seen some really funny post and memes and what not. Anyways, my question/concern is, aren't you suppose to get a raise every 6 months? Or every February and August? I'm 17 years old and started working at...

    Time to bump up that 401k

    Our raise is less than two weeks away. Pump up that 401k