1. K

    What are the chances my husband will have his termination overturned?

    My husband is a FT package car driver. In August 2020 he got an off the clock DUI. He immediately reported it to his supervisors within 24 hours. He was referred to the ASAP program and returned to driving within 3 weeks as his license was only restricted, not suspended. He has finished his...
  2. I

    Dispute my resignation

    hello I am a 20 year old who has been working as a package handler for the past 9 months and today I was asked to sign a paper of resignation for grabbing myself a Powerade and someone else a coke. The man had just finished restocking the machine was rude to everyone in break room and didn’t...
  3. U

    Driver Terminated for Alcohol.. Lawsuit?

    Hi guys, So my friend was recently terminated after an employee claimed to observe him drinking alcohol. The coworker also stated that he had said something about beers in the vehicle. The coworker of course reported what he claims he had seen to management. My buddy says that when...
  4. MisplacedRailWorker

    Help with DQ

    GOTCHA! But seriously, what the :censored: is it lately, so many :censored:ups asking for “advice” and then proceeding to hurl insults page after page. Sounds like the company is actually trying to fire the right people finally. Unless they’re all the same person trolling?
  5. G

    Work permit expiring: will i get fired?

    So I live in the United States with a work permit that allows me to work and live and do other basic things legally. I started working at UPS in June last year because I got laid off my other job when the pandemic started. My work permit expires in 2 weeks, and I already applied for my renewal...
  6. J

    Fired for social media?

    Can you be fired from UPS for something you post on social media? Hypothetically. Thanks.
  7. J

    SALT packages leading to termination

    One of my fellow co workers yesterday was terminated on behalf of a SALT package that management put in his truck. The driver didn’t find it until he got back to the building later that night. He said he sheeted it up as a NS# so it had a scan on the package. Could he be terminated over doing...
  8. Asher513

    Wrongfully terminated, what do I do?

    To make an unnecessarily long story short, I was terminated for going into quarentine. I followed procedure, did all my homework. I got a letter telling me to update my employment status within 72 hours or further disciplinary action would be taken 3 days after my quarentine started on May 5th...
  9. R

    Ups Intent to Terminate

    Hey everyone! I am currently a pre loader at UPS and have recently got an intent to terminate. It happened within a 2 week span. I first got a warning on Monday last week for waking up late, and then one on Friday for the same reason. I then bought a new alarm and this Wednesday it didn’t go off...
  10. S

    Help! I need advice!

    Hi! I know this place is probably mostly for males and actual UPS employees, but I need advice. My husband has worked for UPS for over a year now, but he just became a driver around August. Well, he hurt his ankle recently and the supervisors are always making comments about drivers needing to...
  11. Y

    I need advice

    hello! First and foremost I am a gbs employee not a driver or a warehouse worker but hopefully you guys can help me. I start at midnight and of course there’s not a lot of work to be done during that time so I ended up dozing off. Our new district manager caught me and I’ve been worried I may...
  12. D

    Termination for attendance “On Topic”

    so i served a 5 day suspension for attendance on November 2017 and in my hub its 7 occassions in 9 months. so i cleared all my occassions below 7 and used my sick days on March and now they are trying to terminate me and i have grieved it, still no meeting till this day. so two shop stewards...
  13. Xanosuke2

    Fired for dishonesty

    Monday morning I was pulled into the office, shop Stewart present, and was told I was being fired for an act of dishonesty. I had delivered to a business Tuesday of last week and couldn’t find a package for them. The receiver told me it was fine and to bring it the next day I delivered to them...
  14. Constipated Girl

    Termination for Off the Clock Harassment

    So here is my story. I started working for UPS in Washington state in October 2015. In August 2017 I make an educational transfer from Washington state to South Carolina. For the first month I was working in surepost and occasionally scanning in unload and helping with DAs at a center that had a...
  15. U

    Cardinal sin termination

    Has anyone heard of someone getting their job back after termination of a cardinal sin? Husband was just terminated after just being told he got ft driving. Idiot took a video game that fell out of the box last week and they just fired him last night. I'm terrified. We have two small kids, a...
  16. Tony G.

    UPS Missorts

    Okay, so I've been employed with UPS since September of last year. I've been getting jumped on about missorts and me putting items in the wrong bins which is okay. However today I was told that I had 3 missorts one of them dating all the way back in December 22nd and one being pointed out by a...
  17. OrlandoCitySC

    On Topic: UPS attempting to terminate newer driver after filing grievances

    Hello all: Unfortunately this is about the horrible side of the job. Harassment, intimidation, petty disciplinary measures etc. I'm a newer driver who hasn't been with the company a year yet. After qualifying and becoming a full-fledged employee and union member everything was fantastic for...
  18. J

    Can the supervisors really fire me for simply not unloading at the pace they want me to work at?

    I've been working as a unloader/package handler for 3 weeks and I've been constantly been told by one supervisor that I need to work at a faster pace, even though the fastest I can go is 21 packages per minute. They expected me to go 26 packages per minute today, despite that I've been trying to...
  19. K

    How short staffed is your hub? Any new hires?

    My Socal Hub has really been keeping guys on a short leash the last few weeks or so it would seem. I've heard of numerous firings for everything from mistakes, attendence, arguments, and so forth. The terminations have directly affected the areas i work in because i am finding myself being...