“On Topic” Yard Control Safety Violation Walkthrough.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Integrity, Sep 16, 2019.

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    Well definitely file a grievance also because you should get a verbal before the warning letter per the contract
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    I could see this not going very well. At least in my position. I'm a brand new feeder driver from pkg. The thought of approaching some of these guys who have been driving for 20 years longer than I've even been alive and telling them how to do their jobs is not something I would be comfortable with. Leave it to management or mind your own business unless what you see is truly and undoubtedly a huge safety issue and you feel a moral obligation to say something. Which I doubt is the case.
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    People hate safety nazis.
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    I'm not saying that's what I would do. It's just a what if answer.
  5. DothetruckshaveAC?

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    No I'm with you there, I agree it's probably the best option. Just throwing in my perspective to the mix. Most guys can't stand management telling them how to do things, so they probably dont want to hear it from another driver either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Beat it @Barney
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    Avoid getting run over
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    Management telling an employee to slow down

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    Car washers. By far the most bone headed drivers in the yard. They speed all the time, don’t stop at stop signs, and don’t give way to a shifter or feeder backing. Do these guys get paid per vehicle? @PT Car Washer
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    Mention it to Safety Committee but do not name names.
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    I shifted in the yard full time for a couple of years. By far, the people who drove the fastest and most recklessly were the PT PC fuelers/carwashers. Ordinarily, I wouldn't report another hourly employee to management, but these guys were the exception. I tried to talk to them on an individual basis before I narced them out, but they wouldn't care or listen. My pet peeve is someone cutting behind you while you back a trailer on the door, and these guys would do it on a daily basis.
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    chase down and take pictures of the offender
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    I didn’t have any water so I gave my donkey a red bull
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    I wanted to allow some responses before sharing my thoughts.

    Based upon my example the UPS employee who observed the unsafe act, whether management or hourly has an obligation, to report the unsafe behavior.

    The employee has the right to report it to the company in the manner that is most comfortable to the employee.

    There are a few means of reporting for the employee to choose but IMHO I recommend reporting the incident in writing to the Hourly Employee Safety Committee Representing the employee’s area.

    The management person has the obligation to report it as well but has the added responsibility of immediately addressing the unsafe act. The management person needs to take whatever action immediately necessary to see that the person not following the safety training is properly dealt with.

    In my area Yard Control Safety Violators have received warning letters as the first step of correction based upon the “Zero Tolerance”.

    The management person is responsible to see that this happens even if working with another department and coordinating the discipline is required.
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  19. bbsam

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    Any chance that maybe you could take a vacation from being a boot licking company stooge for a few minutes? Maybe address the situation mano a mano?

    Maybe you could say something simple like, “Dude! Slow the F down! You’re gonna get someone killed!”

    There’s a time and place for formality and the rigors of strict discipline but does it have to be immediate?

    Or do you just enjoy watching people get jacked?
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  20. Integrity

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    Not a boot licking company stooge.

    No, I will not confront other workers in that type of situation.

    I personally would report the incident, not the employee, to my hourly Safety Committee Representative. I would expect positive results for all concerned from Safety Committee involvement in this recognized hazard.

    My area has given warning letters out as the first step of correction. They justify this using the “zero tolerance” concept. Just the way it is.

    No I want no employee to get “jacked” as you put it and I don’t enjoy it. I enjoyed it less when I had to represent them.

    I believe all employees should follow all safety training all the time.

    I also believe that management should immediately correct all behaviors that are in violation of UPS safety training all the time. Even if the result is a warning letter.

    Not just when something bad happens, someone is injured, or maybe the just have it out for and want to get someone.

    I believe every issue should be formally documented from the initial concern to the resolution.