“On Topic” Yard Control Safety Violation Walkthrough.

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  1. PASinterference

    PASinterference Yes, I know I'm working late.

    Speeding doesn't show up on a telematics report. Nothing is important at ups unless it shows up on a report.
  2. Integrity

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    What part of Point #4 of Yard Control Safety rules do you not understand??

    Point #4 of Yard Control Safety rules states that all people authorized to drive vehicles in the yard must obey posted speed limit signs and wear a safety belt at all times.
  3. MECH-lift

    MECH-lift Union Brother

    That lasted a week in our center now no one wears them
  4. PASinterference

    PASinterference Yes, I know I'm working late.

    Management doesn't care if you speed. These rules were thought up by somebody trying to justify their job. How long have you worked here? Safety comes third after profits and production. It's just a fact, like it or not.
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  5. Agree 100%. We actually had a mgt. struck by a shifter running a stop sign. Broke both his arms.
    Shifter still there, will say he does drive slower...

    The original question stands: what to do? My personal SOP is if I see a blatantly dangerous act on the
    yard or even on the road(by a UPS truck), I'll address it personally(I don't care what they or any Union
    thug thinks). Our yard speed limit is 10 mph, so it's pretty easy to speed. I'd say 95% of any vehicle on our yard is speeding. My experience has been: I have never seen any mgt. person address speeding unless there was a customer complaint or an accident(tickets issued). There is speeding and running stop signs 24/7 on our yard. Mechanics test drive vehicle repairs at way over 10mph, more like 40-50 mph. while running stop signs to get a good start. I get passed every night by a mileage feeder in a work zone. Every night. Speeding. I could go on and on. OK.

    While Integrity means well, I personally believe this behavior can only be corrected with peer
    interaction or severe disciplinary action by mgt.

    More interesting is the general apathy and positive support of this behavior. This behavior is SOP.
    Mgt. condones it, union condones it, employees embrace it=fatalities.

    Our yard is a wild west free for all, ignored by all.
  6. DumbTruckDriver

    DumbTruckDriver Allergic to cardboard.

    We continue to get hammered about the vests. “This is coming directly from OSHA.” I have no problem wearing their silly yellow manzier... on the clock. The problem is this is a small center, and we outgrew it years ago. Our parking lot is IN the yard. I don’t do anything work related off the clock, and that includes putting on a vest to walk to the building from my car. BAE2F8B0-DB46-44A8-9DB5-C5C3FD6BF8D4.jpeg
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  7. Speeding does "show up" on a report. Mgt. can pull any segment of GPS recorded travel. They

    choose not to.

  8. Actually you do have a problem with the vests. It does come directly from OSHA because of fatalities on the yard via space and VISIBILITY. That said, a solution would be to have a time clock(whatever
    method ivis etc.), punch in- before walking on the yard. And your problem is your attitude.
    Which sadly, tragically, fatally permeates our culture(UPS). And in my opinion, like most of our
    fellow employees, you will completely ignore all of the above. Like it never happens and somehow
    you are immune to the realities of a busy yard with vehicles weighing thousands of pounds, being
    operated in blatantly reckless behavior.
  9. Boywondr

    Boywondr Newbie Doo

  10. Boywondr

    Boywondr Newbie Doo

    Great example:
    Worldport. Dodge the tugs not pulling anything and especially on a friday night.

    If you want management to take notice of unsafe issues just file an article 18 grievance listing the infractions without the names of the perpetrator(s). That starts a paper trail and liability is on the supes managing those areas.
    Liability equals awareness because it leads to revenue loss if disregarded.

  11. Our Union does not support this in any way. Because it can lead to disciplinary action. You would
    probably be censured/threatened/expelled by the Union. Dangerous , reckless behavior is at the very
    least condoned(and by silence) encouraged.

    BTW-Mgt. already knows all of this goes on. They see it, overlook it, disregard it. Encourage it. You do
    know that a certain amount of injuries, accidents or even fatalities are factored into acceptable
    parameters. Our Safety Mgr. actually sent a global text stating "We've had 10 accidents so far, we only have 2 more allowable, let's be safe!". Swear to God! And if you think this is hyperbole, you aren't
    paying attention.
  12. Boywondr

    Boywondr Newbie Doo

    Uh, our union does support grievances due to unsafe work conditions but doesnt support exposing the name(s) of the person violating safe work methods unless you are personally threatened.

    If there was a situation where another driver continously near misses other hourly whether walking or driving and it constantly puts me in an unsafe situation myself I would file on the company in a heartbeat. It is the company's responsibility to keep it's employees safe.

    You do know that both drivers are charged if they are involved in an accident on the lot don't you?

    Maybe it's you who isnt paying attention.
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  13. DumbTruckDriver

    DumbTruckDriver Allergic to cardboard.

    That’s cute. Like I said, I DON’T have a problem with the vest, only the situation particular to our building that I described. I follow all safety procedures, and have even had a conversation or two with overzealous PTers parking at night.
  14. Boywondr

    Boywondr Newbie Doo

    It's the wild, wild, west anymore.

  15. Oh I pay attention. My experience is that, again, the Company does NOTHING, the Union does
    NOTHING. The conversation goes like this Me: "There are shifters, feeders, mechanics, contractors,
    pkg. cars speeding/running stop signs 24/7 on the yard " Safety Committee Co-chair/Union Steward:
    "You know a fellow Union Brother can't call out another fellow Union Brother...." or Me: "There are
    shifters, feeders(see above...." Mgt. person " Look, I can't monitor/be out on the yard all day, drivers
    are gonna have to do the right thing..." I've payed attention for 40 years. You?

    See, my idea is to eliminate "both drivers being charged for an accident". How about "preventing"
    accidents from ever happening? Whatever that contains.

    BTW-So a near miss is the only reason to file/say anything to anyone? Think about that, just
    for a minute.
  16. Yeet

    Yeet Inbound, turnaround, go to town

    You’re wasting your time with that guy, man. He’s just going to keep coming back with some smartass s*.
  17. 35years

    35years Well-Known Member

    Is it me or is someone still sore from being passed over for school patrol?

    Highlighter yellow vest and controlling others.

    How thrilling...The power!
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  18. Boywondr

    Boywondr Newbie Doo

    "Payed" attention sums it up. SMH
    Great post fit.