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    So I took a look at my check on the UPSers website, and it showed a wage increase of .37. I knew, of course that half of .75 was .375, and upon calculating my pay, indeed the raise is .375. The stub itself shows a .37 increase (I guess it rounds to two decimal places), but the calculations do add up and the raise is .375. Amazing. I remembered seeing a thread earlier where many UPSers believed we'd get gypped for the first half of the year, and not get our extra 1/2 cent.

    The reason I had the raise on this upcoming check is because I have a vacation next week, and I had been paid for it at my previous payrate, and so the additional compensation was paid out because my vacation is after the raise was in effect.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    45 hours (vacation) * .005 = $.225

    Don't spend it all in one place.
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    The biggest concern is that uncaring, greedy UPS not get it's hands on that $0.225. :biting:
    If UPS did, that could have paid for Scott's salary. :funny:
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    Maybe Scotty didn't see it coming. Such "BIG PICTURE" vision. tch tch
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...or at least a new pair of Johnston and Murphy's.
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    there you go again with the jabs...are you sure you dont have something to get off your chest????:wink2:
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    or maybe it could have paid for my raise this year? Sometimes, UPS' failing is that it is NOT a greedy money grupping organization. Vision indeed.

    Just for fun, next contract everyone insist that the raise be exactly equal to Pi, lets see payroll figure that crap out...