1 LBS box on freight truck

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BigEmpty53, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. BigEmpty53

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    Lately, I have seen way too many 1 to 4 ibs boxes on 53ft semis out to be delivered. It's funny when I pull up in my semi, customer opens the dock door but I'm not backing in, instead I'm carrying 1 pound box to their front door. They look at me like I'm crazy :surprised: I didn't know a 1 pound box is considered as heavy freight :laughing:
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    It is at DHL.
  3. BigEmpty53

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    lol i bet
  4. 1timepu

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    Are they diverting pks from UPS to the Freight side??????? is this why the volume is down???
  5. BigEmpty53

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    I don't know if they are diverting on purpose, but more often then that I have been stuck with packages that could have gone on little brown trucks instead of 53ft semis. And these were non-hazmat type shipments and they weren't large boxes.
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    Do y'all utilize the one Z tacking numbers the same as we do? I'm just wondering if this was a decision made by UPS or the shipper?
    I don't know a thing about UPS freight but years ago nearly (if not all ) freight companies charged a minimum of a 100 lbs for any shipment. I reckon this isn't the same today.

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    I've delivered at the same time as some other UPS freight trucks the past 2 months. I was surprised that they were just delivering 1 - 4 boxes to my customers. They were all haz mats though, which didn't make sense because we can deliver those too. Maybe its cheaper for the shipper, to wrap them on a pallet and ship them freight instead of paying the UPS handling fees. That's my guess , what's yours?
  8. ups79

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    Just like a lot of times those "comfort select beds" or "nordic traks" or piece of furniture could go on that 53 foot trailor instead of an eight cube.
  9. IWorkAsDirected

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    I've wondered so often why we as package drivers are delivering freight. I asked a freight driver about it one day at walmart and showed him all the pottery barn in my truck. I guess it's the shipper's decision, he said it would have been much cheaper to palletize and put in on freight. I had been told that either the shipper or receiver had not way to load or unload pallets. He said he has a lift and a pallet jack so that isn't an issue. (I had 6 big pieces of pottery barn furniture each to two addresses)
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    One should ask when they see some of this type delivery only to get an idea of how to head this in the right direction for MGMT and drivers.