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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by K.Pop, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. K.Pop

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    Ok...here it goes, I am in a very big intersection and don't know what path to take. I have been with UPS for about 9 month(including seasonal) as a PT sorter. I am up to $10hr since sorters get $1 raise after passes the LCT.

    The problem is i am hurting for cash right now and $150 a week is red lining me. I am barely making my bills and paying my credit off. I would start double shift, but i injured my arm awhile back and can only pull one shift of just sorting.

    Now for the breath taker or OMG? My brother just started at FedEx as a Corrier(like hes 2 day from hire date). He has told me pay is $17+OT, he will be working 3-9pm(2 hours more then me). Now I don't know if he is exagerrating or what the hell is going on but, that sound kinda shady comparing it to UPS. I am on the vurge of applying at fedex, I have until thursday to stop myself(I know that sounds kinds childish) or convince me to stop. I might just end up getting some P/t job as a stocker or grocery.

    Fedex or UPS...my ultamite goal is to become a OTR or Local feeder adn I dont wanna waste 15-20yrs doing something when I could have done with more.(if that makes sense)

    I know this is a UPS board and majority of you are going to say stick with UPS since most of you have years on your shoulders. I just wanna know what you would do in my postion?

    Much apprciate any advice, thanks
  2. Raw

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    Go to FedX, you sound too much like a pansy to make it at UPS!! :bored:
  3. Lobofan5

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    Since I don't know what you mean by OTR and I know it takes forever to be a feeder driver you might be fighting a losing battle if you have only been here for 9 months and already have racked up an injury.

    If your relative is a courier they are driving and thats why they are making more $s, so you are comparing apples to oranges. After reading Ups posts and FedEx posts on here, I would stick to the place where you have union benefits and PROTECTION.

    But thats just me.

    Also, FYI.. This site has spellchecker in the top right hand corner where it says ABC with the checkmark.
  4. Ms Spoken

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    K pop,
    This is something you will have to decided for yourself on what you need to do. Back in the day, I was also in your same shoes but I hung in there and everything has worked out. At one point I was working three jobs just to make a living after I got out of school. Good luck on whatever direction you go.
  5. brownrodster

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    If you can't handle double shifting because of your injured arm then there is no way you will be able to handle the fedex delivery driving job.

    If your dream is to be a driver then UPS is the way to go. Maybe not now. But in 20-30 years you'll be happier if you stayed with UPS.

    Find a day job and continue to work nights at UPS.
  6. K.Pop

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    Thanks for the advice guys...as for the "pansy" remark, I love it, I feed of that. It gives me motivation to succeed in life. I try to accomplish what seems impossible to others. I have made my mind up and will stick with UPS and get a P/T job in the mournings.

    I know I sounded like a f-tard rambling on about BS. But, I am just worried I am going to take the wrong path and F-up my future. I guess you could say am at the crossroads of my future. I'm not afraid or discouraged by working hard labor or long hours, It's what the job will give me ahead of time that I focus on.

    OTR is "over the road", I have wanted to drive trucks and work ing the transportion industry since I took trips in a big rig across the states. I here that UPS feeders make a good living granted they have been in the company for 25+ years. like averyone keeps telling me if you hang in there it will pay off in the long hall.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. I tired using the spellcheck but it dosent work on this computer it deletes my whole post.
  7. scratch

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    There is a free download at www.ieSpell.com if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser. Firefox has one too.
  8. preloader

    preloader Bleeding Brown from ears

    You know, if you have this much trouble with spelling and grammar, maybe you should consider management.....
  9. tieguy

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    good point.

    wait for your brother to get started then find out how many hours he is guaranteed to work each day.
  10. HazMatMan

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    Now I made a comment like that once and got scolded for it.
  11. trickpony1

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    The "long hours" in management are a trade off for having job security for life even if he is a complete "screw up" which, based on his spelling and grammar skills, may be the case.
  12. Griff

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    What would you know about being tough, Raw? How long have you been pushing paper?
  13. DS

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    Naw.. this a a tounge in cheek comment...harmless ...
    I never tried the spellcheck...but that one guy facing a dolima needs it.
  14. LKLND3380

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    If you had 3 to 5 years in I would say stay... You don't so I say leave UPS on good terms and maybe you will be able to come back later IF you choose to do so...
  15. hoser

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    i know this is a UPS board, but if you were a student/stay at home parent/part timer/need full time work but have a rich [wife, husband, parent] and tuition reimbursement is of no interest, and you'd rather be happy, I would say "go to FX Express". You're treated a lot nicer, it's non union for a very good reason, the starting pay is much higher, although the top rate is significantly lower.

    FedEx is easier, you use new equipment, they issue hoodies that you can wear on the job as a driver (not legally, but no one really cares), and gravy routes are truly a gravy route.

    if you want to go into feeder with FX Express, let me tell you that's all based on who has the right qualificactions at the right time. you have no case for complaint if they take a 2 year employee or an external over the 15 year veteran. and even if you land it, FX can say "ok! we're outsourcing this to billy bob's trucking! you're a courier now!"

    with UPS, if you have the time in, you're entitled to go to training and be offered a spot if you successfully pass it, you have union benefits and a high pay scale.

    if you want to stay in the front line and you want to really earn your keep, stay with brown. if you want to advance in corporate, go to FedEx.

    so to summarize, based on your ambition for a front line career trajectory, stay with UPS. the starting pay sucks, but once you get a year in, you get AMAZING benefits, and a great top rate.

    find a second job (temping?) if you're short cash. and stop spending your money on credit cards. $150 a week and $2000 credit card debts (assumed number, I know..) mean you're barely covering interest. oh, and package handlers at FX make bit lot more than UPS, although their tuition reimbursement sucks and the benefits package is, well, uninspired.
  16. RightHere

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    i get paid 10.50 and my checks are usually $220. get a second job and then decide which one you want to take seriously.
  17. K.Pop

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    bahh screw fedex...Im staying with brown. I know to many people now and all the full timers are cool. It wouldn't feel right leaving. I have been applying at part-time delivery jobs around the area to gain a little experince while I can.

    Thanks again for the advice guys.
  18. thom1842

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    Is it possible to work part time at UPS and FedEx? Say one in the AM and the other in the PM? I know with some retail jobs I have had they don't allow you to work for a competitor, something about conflict of interest. I am not personaly thinking about doing this, just a thought I had.
  19. hoser

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    Working for other companies in the same industry as UPS is close to a conflict of interest. I signed something saying that I would report any possible conflicts of interest to HR, and I'm pretty sure you did, too.

    Be very careful about working for another delivery company during the day. Talk to your HR rep and ask them if it's ok for you to work for another delivery company. AND BE SURE YOU GET NAMES of the people you talk to.

    Furthermore, with the delivery thing, don't think that getting pt delivery jobs with other companies will make you a better UPSer; UPS has its own methods, own styles, and they'll train you to do the job right. Doing a delivery job on the side may be good way to determine if it's a good line of work for you, but again, it won't mean crap at UPS, now that you're inside.
  20. Raw

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    I`m a 20 year driver!! :w00t: