1 sentence for your top & bottom 3 contract issues

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by downtowner, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. downtowner

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    Keep it simple, I do not, nor do most others care to argue.. If you need more space LINK YOUR THREAD!
    My example:just one for now

    3 yr progression, who cares?
    I worked 11yrs (ELEVEN!) pt to get driver job, no one in my HUB since or before has worked 1/2 that before driving.
  2. steeltoe

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    I'll tell you who cares. The guy who goes fulltime next year. You did not wait 3 years to reach full progression, why would you want someone else to go that long? 11yrs, part-time, I bet you were elated when you finally went full-time. Why would you be upset that people in the future get it better. Is that not what you want for your children? I would assume that you want a better life for your kids than you had. As a Union member, you should want the same for the future union brothers and sisters. This is what having a union is all about. If our company is doing well; and it certainly is, we should all want the future brothers and sisters to have it better than we did.

    My bottom line is the following. Our company is doing great financially. Why in the world would we give up language that we already have. This makes no sense to me. I could understand if the company was going down the toilet financially.

    Sorry, but this took more than one line.
  3. sawdusttv

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    Plain and simple, I'll tell you why!
    Can you say SELL-OUT!!!!!!
  4. TheVoice

    TheVoice United Prole. Socialist

    No new combo-jobs, split-wage increase so 50% is paid after peak season hours, weak/confusing article 34 language. This is the top 3 complaints at my building. But by no means does this cover what is wrong with this contract.

    To early to say yes, not enough of the right things to say yes.

    When a contract divides the membership based on the status or level of job (such as part-timer vs. full-timer, people with a lot of years vs. little), the company wins. It is this division that fractures our unity. By not being supportive within the ranks, even if the negative things don’t effect you, you are creating a class system within a class system.

    Unity is key, an injury to one, is an injury to all. Stay united, support the little guys.

    Respectfully & fraternally,

    The Voice
  5. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    You go to college 4 years to make 80 grand.
    You drive 3 years while being paid fairly well to make 80 grand.
  6. TheVoice

    TheVoice United Prole. Socialist

    Cleaver way to put it. But, did you go through 3 or 2 years to reach top pay…why would you want anyone else to have it worse than you had it, even if it is good. Also, your comment implies that everyone is starting from a driver’s position. The fact of the matter, there is a bigger work force in the building than those on the road, and they are not all combos. So the $80,000 dollars a year analogy is so far beyond comprehension of what anyone else will see, that it makes it a pipe dream to look at it in that perspective right now. The fact is, there are a lot of little guys that are getting screwed on this thing.


    The Voice
  7. team player

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    Steeltoe it won't matter if you live in the Central, with the single day vacation coverage language in item c of the Central Supplement UPS will never bid another full time driving job!
  8. downtowner

    downtowner New Member

    It took me 13 yrs to reach top pay.
    Now drivers are going fulltime in 2 yrs (full pay in just 5 yrs).
    If you think I'm a sellout, who cares!
  9. tieguy

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    Hey know it all . where were you when these items were being discussed before the contract settlement. You're another johnny come lately using this board for your own personal agenda.
  10. huskervi

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    1. No new Combo jobs.. I cant get a drivers job because I had a seizure earlier this year. Now it will be hard as hell for me to get on full time.
    2. Crap for raises.
    3. $8.50 hr starting pay. I know it wont affect my pay but. UPS is devaluing the part time employee. They are not going to be able to get people to stick with the job once they see what kind of work their doing for this pay. Once they start not getting the employees they are going to try asnd get the current employees to do more. Their making a **** ton of money and we will not be making any. B.S.
  11. TheVoice

    TheVoice United Prole. Socialist

    "Know it all....personal agenda." You got a lot of nerve calling me out on those faculties.

    Either way, coming from your megalomaniac pretentious butt, the time you put in to attacking every single thing I have to say, says it all. You simply can not be human, you can not simply disagree with someone without attacking their character. It’s a flaw of nature left over from the stone age. And here you probably think your civilized. From this point on, you are on ignore*****.

    The Voice
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  12. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    Well put! We can not sell the future veterans down the drain!!!

    I bet all the part timers hired after next August are twice as likely not to join the union after they find out all the things that they should have had but that the union gave away!!!!
  13. k78333

    k78333 New Member

    Great post voice! Dividing our Union is their goal! Vote No!
  14. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    If you are hired off the street. If you work in the warehouse, which I think is already a form of progression in itself, you will work 2 to 5 years before going full time!

    Lets not forget the Sat Air is extra work, just don't ever ask for one off that part timers go through.

    Then there is the cover driver yanking back and forth from preload to TCD to preload to pulling a double preload/TCD 14 hour days bouncing from route to route, center to center on blind route after blind route!!!!

    Ohhhhhh, now you are promoted but you still go through another progression of 3 years.

    It was just a few years ago, before Hoffa, that we had a 2 year progression.

    Now we have two Hoffa contracts and two increases to the progression.

    Lets not forget the 30 day probation period has doubled to 60 days too!!!!!
  15. satellitedriver

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    Thank you,
    You increased the size of your font, whispering in speaking does not translate to the written word.
    Also, I applaud the fact you have dropped "some" of the affectation in writing Nietzche style prose.
    But, I must share my observation ,that your posts, past and present,, still present a style of surrealism equal to your avatar.
    Magritte would be proud.
    One of the most natural sentences I have read that you've posted;
    "The fact is, there are a lot of little guys that are getting screwed on this thing."
    Post in your normal voice, not like an english major trying to impress the professor.
    I do admit that you have that Nietzche style down, but it seems to detract from any point you are trying to make.
  16. 1timepu

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    Pt number 3 is taken, but it is NOT our job to worry how they are going to get the help.
  17. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    It is and always has been in the majority of cases a long wait to become a full time driver. You know that going in. You either wait or you go somewhere else for a full time job.
  18. tieguy

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    Reading through this post you see a pretentious poster who thinks he can somehow impress the weak minded with his use of five syllable words. Hopefully no one will fall for his pretentious fluff.
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  19. tieguy

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    oops looks like he got one to bite.
  20. brazenbrown

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    Well, you certainly have us all fooled with your Amish image and your pretentious verbiage...

    I'd have to say that you are yet another attempt by TDU attempting to spread your message by spinning and contorting the facts in the name of your fallen hero, Ron Carey.

    You have a way with your expression perhaps the local High School drama class would be interested in your talents.

    You, just like the rest of your friends who registered in October with an agenda to bad mouth the contract don't deserve the time of day with your misinformation.

    Believe it or not there are many informed individuals on this forum that get real tired of this real quick!!:cursing:

    So go back and tell um we're not biting and when the contract passes we'll be looking to see if you are still here to share your opinions with us.:thumbup1:
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