$10,000,000 in BACKPAY!!! ?

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    Before I go into the $10 MILLION dollars in backpay that UPS will probably have to pay to the COMBO employees of the 1997- 2001 contract, by a show of hands and a post in this thread, how many COMBO employees do we have coming to this site. I want to make you guys aware of what is going down and how we need to pull together to get this money!!! ?

    Malcolm eXcalibur
    Combo since 5/2001 in NCarolina
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    I have several buddies that are combo employees. Do you have a link?
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    What's the grievence?
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    im a combo job, and recieved 2 retro check so far, i dont think there will be any more.
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    How long have you been COMBO Therodog and about how many COMBOs would you say work at your hub?

    Johnny, have your COMBO buddies come to the site so that we can talk directly. It would be better for them to get this info straight with no chaser...

    Malcolm eXcalibur
    "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything"
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    excalibur,combo for about 3 years. Total years there is 16 in April.[​IMG]

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    ...therodog, as far as you know, where there any red circle people that took a combo job at your hub? If so, wouldn't their elevate rate then become the "top rate" for that job, esp. since you both probably do the exact same job!!! ?

    At this point, I fear that the union will once again, drop the ball like they did with the cut in pay that effected the Full-Time Air Hub employees. UPS was able to find language to cut wages, the same way I was able to find a loophole to increase our wages, but our local isn't trying to purse. We need to fight for this!!! ?
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    if a red circle went combo he would take a pay cut. Same with a delivery driver.
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    "Many people I work with feel very let down by Mr. Hoffa and mad at management"

    Excalibur you need to become a little more attentive to the politics. The above line is from your link. Notice how Hoffas name is thrown in as part of the blame. Notice who's side is in power right now. Did you also notice the indirect reference to the red circle guy taking the 5 an hour pay cut?
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    While full time combo jobs are a real blessing, lets not forget WHY they were bought about.

    For many years, UPS would not hire part time employees that were not futhering their education. It made things nice, UPS got motivated young men to work, and they got a good paying job that they could work part time while going to school.

    With the increasing amount of $$ available to college kids, most do not need to work. THat made the picture change. WE now had part time employees that were looking to make a living and support a family. But you could not do that working only part time. So the company agreed to start making full time positions of two part time jobs.

    Now with that gesture of good will, has come all sorts of problems. Including yours. But as has been stated, YOU agree to do this job for the money that has been aggreed on. So why all of a sudden do you feel like that you should be paid the same as a driver? You dont do the work of one, you dont have the responsibility of one, so why should you get paid the same. Just because you now have a full time job? HEll instead of being greatful you have two part time jobs where you can make a decent living, you want to compain about not making as much as drivers like me that have been there longer than you have been alive? GEt real.

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    Advanced Member DannyBOY, use your mouse and drag it over to highlighted eXcalibur link is and click there. In the new window that will open, you will be able to read what this board refers to as a "profile." This profile will give you an idea of just how long I've been in the grind at United Parcel Service. Once you have been enlightened, please afford me the proper RESPECT!

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    And like I said, you were still a twinkle in your daddies eyes when I started. Respect is earned.

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    <font color="0000ff">I never thought of it that way Dannyboy. Why should inside full-timers get paid the same as drivers? That's a very good question. I don't see why people complain about that. At least you guys have combo jobs. We have NONE here. Other than combining customer counter with reload (which these tightwauds won't do here..lol) the only combo possibility would be a reload/preload combo. What a terrible schedule that would be though. There are no air routes to combine with inside work like they had in the hub I worked in. I'd rather have a combo job than be a driver and would be gratefull to get one. I wouldn't expect to get paid driver's pay but I think a full-timer, regardless of what the job is, should be paid more per hour than a part-timer. I would certainly take drivers pay for a combo job though. What person with any sense wouldn't???? Ha ha.</font>
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    Me----Myself ---and ---I

    The three of us deserve back pay all the way back to the very first day that we started working for UPS!!!It doesn't matter what we agreed to when we got hired---and we all knew that it was going to be hard work and fair pay----but most of all it would be for a "STABLE" company!!

    The real problem we need to focus on is our customers who are jumping ship-----first because of a potential strike--than we notify them that we are going to start imposing a 5% Late Payment Fee---than we give them a rate increase to help us recoup some of our additional expenses. How many customers do we need to lose before we go back to the basics-----"Best" service at the lowest rates.

    UPS needs to have some profit margin to invest in all of our futures!!!

    We can no longer charge the lowest rates and have to do some focusing now to keep our customers from leaving us---------if we have no customers we will start eliminating jobs and won't have the luxury of filing greivences!!

    Me---Myself--and I !!
  15. excalibur

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    "So why all of a sudden do you feel like that you should be paid the same as a driver? You dont do the work of one, you dont have the responsibility of one, so why should you get paid the same. Just because you now have a full time job? HEll instead of being greatful you have two part time jobs where you can make a decent living, you want to compain about not making as much as drivers like me that have been there longer than you have been alive? GEt real."

    Don't take this the wrong way DannyBOY, but ARTICLE 53 of our last contract states that the fulltime classification of being a Pre-loader-Sorter would make $23.05 on August 1, 2001 just like a Package Pickup and Delivery Driver, Feeder Driver. Read it for yourself on page 169. Let's not forget that a driver will spend almost half his workday DRIVING!!! ? On the other hand, the fulltime sorter is in the grind for 8 hours plus doing "real" work.

    In theory, he/she should be making more and let's not talk about the Feeder drivers. No disrepect, but when I look at most of them, I wonder how they made it to becoming a Feeder driver with the physical condition they now exude. O yeah, now I remember, they do even less physical work now and
    now the belly has doubled in size. LOL.

    If the contract says I'm entitled to make higher wages, then why shouldn't I inquire about the contract and it's ambiguous and varying interpretations. Isn't that what this forum is for!!! ?
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    So any full time job should be entitled to the highest rate of pay?? So if I were a janitor/porter and was working part time and was able to file a greivence to become a full time janitor/porter I should be entitled to Driver wages??

    The responsibility our drivers have--driving safely--delivering/picking up Int'l/Haz Mat/Time Sensitive NDA--EAM packages and the most important part --servicing the customer face to face--every day---that is highly skilled work and should be compensated proportionately.

    I have also the utmost respect for our Feeder Drivers who battle the elements--show -Ice--fog--in our district(No Nevada) we drive triple trailers-----yo here comes the freight train!! Yes these drivers deserve to be compensated at a much higher level than someone who is working inside ( the guy that drives the little Irreg cart is just driving around half of their shift too aren't they??)

    If you want driver pay-----BECOME A DRIVER!!!!
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    How confused are you? I have done both and if you are an in town delivery driver you spend at least 10 hours a day jumping in and out of that truck with more than you can carry or put on a 2 wheeler. It would seem you are speaking of a life you know nothing about.
  18. dannyboy

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    I have to agree with the other 2 posters. Untill you have done the job, dont compare. When I started on the preload, I was able to come in on the midnight, unload trailers, then to the car wash, then to the preload. 8 hours strait, without a lunch. So I have done it. Delivery is a whole different world. And Feeders.......All I can say is God bless them. I cant stay awake all night long! Even though I could bed on a feeder run, NO thanks.

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    Anyone who thinks that pre-load is "real work" while drivers just "drive around" is someone who hasn't done both jobs.
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    ...OK, your right, I haven't driven, but that's another story if you want to dig in the archives, but the contract does have language for fulltime employees who would make driver pay, or pretty darn close to it.

    However, I have alot of friends that are drivers and I get a pretty goOd idea of what driving is like once your on a route that your familar with. So don't play me like a rookie, I know better!!! ?