10 pounds of $### in a 5 pound box

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    You would think this would be about customers and their poor shipping habits, but its about UPS management stuffing 300 stops(423 pieces) in an 8 cube. Last year I had a 10 cube, and could knock out 300 stops no problem. This year, they are jamming it into an 8 cube. Blown out, front to back. Not sure how they expect you to deliver if you cant walk down the center at all. Luckily, I had a decent loader. Not sure where all our trucks went. Also this year, it seems like we are missing helper boards. I better not hear we are down from last year. Its Dec. 7 and already its a nightmare. Overtime here I come
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    One stop at a time - one package at a time. Don't fret, it'll get done.
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    I can't say I ever had an open isle in my PC. Most days I was lucky if I had room to throw the 2 wheeler on top of the pile.:wink2: Actually the 2 wheeler usually rode up in the cab for the first 2 or 3 stops --- along with the packages for the first 2 or 3 stops.:wink2: I don't think that is allowed now days.
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    Ya :rofl: No, I don't think so. At least when we get caught doing it.:biting:
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    Volume was exceedingly strong last week. Well in comparison to what it has been for the rest of the year. Basically we were at last years numbers this week for the first time all year. With all the cut routes I would assume you all are feeling it out there.

    Online shopping has been strong, if this continues it should mean good things for UPS this holiday season.
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    its Ok until you get caught. They know we do what we need to to get it done, which is lay it on us and let their bad planning be our demise.
    But no more. beat me once, Im all done. By the book, 110 % safe and 2 hrs late. More money for me.
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    I gave my Hand cart away. I was tired of it being in the way. I will regret that decision after peak when I no longer have a helper lol.
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    Why wouldn't you just leave your hand cart at your first stop?