1000 jobs gone by next peak

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    So I come in tonight and a on-road is saying they're trying to eliminate 1000 positions in the Chesapeake Dis. by next peak. Is this going on else where/has anyone else heard this rumor in their district? He said the company is already making moves to make us a business to business corp. meaning all the resi is being diverted to a post office. This make sense to me b/c I use to del. to a PO and they would only get 10 maybe 15 pkgs. now it's in the 70's range. I have also been given a lot of the hybrid labels with the PO barcode on it as P/U's with customers being confused. Another questions I'm asking, is this a contract violation? I've read it a couple of times and it doesn't seem to be. The contract(and supplement) only seems to cover diversions with in the company. Sorry if this seems rambling and I'm acting as if the sky is falling, but I feel as though we coming to a strife between our union and our company. The 2011 Election will be interesting.
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    The 2013 election will be even more interesting.

    Have not heard this but that is consistent to some extent with the what the company has announced publicly. UPS is going after the more profitable packages which is B2B.
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    the number in the chesapeake district is rumored to be 1121.

    of those approximately a third are part time fluffers.
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    From the business end I understand why UPS is doing this with resis; but where does it stop? If UPS just want to be a go b/w businesses then aren't the businesses' going to figure this out and just go straight to the PO(a company that will never have to make a profit)and cut us out? This would eventually make the PO a monopoly and they would never be held to the same standard as a private entity b/c they're a pseudo gov. agency. I fear that UPS could just become a private freight company for what would then be "mail." No package cars, no mid-management, just feeders-air-and rail.
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    Naah, the post office won't deliver early am or next day air, neither will they do any packages that weigh over 30lbs.
    But, you are pretty close.

    I seen some signs. :
    The CEO of the postoffice was on CNN, he said they'll be getting more business from UPS and Fedex, and that it only made sense.
    He also hinted that the postoffice would use the UPS fleet (and airlines), instead of paying commercial airlines (and save money).

    Secondly, I think some of that news has spelled out already.
    UPS is closing in on the price of Fedex shares - you got to wonder why.... Something is up.
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    Here's a related article: http://www.mindfully.org/Industry/2003/UPS-Through-USPS6nov03.htm
    The article references a 6 yr contract so I believe this is very old.
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    the rumors about UPS wanting to get rid of the resi stops have been going on for 20 yrs.They are not going to give them...
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    Yes. A new service is coming called SurePost. It is a contract service that replaces UPS Basic.

    It is intended to protect current volume and attract new volume. It is to meet the demand for a low cost, low frills service. It supports on-line retail volume aimed at residential deliveries.

    Like Basic, the volume is picked up, sorted, transported and delivered by UPS. The delivery is to the post office who takes it the rest of the way.

    This will change preload methods.

    I have know about this for quite some time. It was confidential and inappropriate to post. There are talking points now. I'll try and find them.

    I do not know the impact to jobs....
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    I have known about this since for awhile as well.

    I think in the long run it will actually help us win new business. As it provides a greater diversity of services through the Post Office and also allows UPS to deliver to P.O. Boxes, Military outlets and a few other places we were unable to deliver to before.

    Anyone who thinks UPS is trying to get rid of Resi Deliveries is insane. Many of the services that are about to roll out before year end, are directly targeting small to mid size businesses that deliver a majority of their packages to residential addresses.

    Some of the stuff is going to give UPS a large competitive advantage, especially for the sales people.
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    the chesapeake district is rumored to be 1121.

    of those approximately a third are part time fluffers.

    Why don't you just say what you mean maybe "cannon fodder" Those are people and many of them need those jobs.
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    upandcomer, I think you may be confusing P.O. boxes and APO addresses. We all know what P.O. boxes are. APO and FPO are the addresses used by the military for our overseas bases and I would be awfully surprised to see UPS begin delivering to those addresses.

    P-man, in regard to the preload method changes, do you see our preload scanning and bagging these SurePost packages and the driver simply scanning the barcode on the bag with the system then doing a logical scan updating the status of each package in that bag within 30 minutes of delivery?
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    Great- deliver 50 and get credit for 1. I've seen this tried before and it never all fits in bags.
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    we in the sales force have been waiting for talking points on this service. I think they rolled it out to the managers this week, I guess we will hear next week.

    I am wondering what the advantage of our surepost would be over smart post, and it seems like our surepost packages stay in our network until final delivery - i know smartpost dumps them to the origin post office. is this true? so you can track the package to the final post office?

    any other details that maybe confidential still can be PM'd to me!
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    Currently the Basic Service only allows delivery to P.O. Boxes, with the new SurePost service, delivery will be allowed to P.O. Boxes, APO, FPO.

    UPS will deliver none of the SurePost packages, where with Basic UPS still delivers a portion of the packages.
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    As you know, delivery of Basic to the consignee or to the Post Office is based on zip code. I deliver all of my Basics, which account for about 1/3 of my residential packages, to the consignee. Are you saying that with SurePost this will no longer be an option for our shippers and the P.O. will deliver them all?
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    Since both services are contractual Basic will continue to exist until all contracts have been moved to the new SurePost service.

    Also of note to UPSSalesGuy is that this service will be open to more types of shipping systems. I believe currently Basic is supported in WorldShip, Host, and Vendor? It expands it to basically all transmitting system types besides EDI.
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    Its not sounding too good for any part timer with hopes of becoming a package driver..... increase in volume with decrease in routes in centers...
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    I am fully confident that the above scenario would not play out if we continued to exist for the next million years. The post office a monopoly on residential stops? I think you first need to operate in the black(something the PO hasn't done in years) before you can considered a monopoly, right?

    Besides, who is going to deliver all the Pottery Barn, computer desks, shelving, tires, wire bundles, California Closets (had 27 pieces one day), etc? Certainly not the post office!