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    I have to vent again for a minute. Is it just me or is the 12-1 no closed business delivery rule the most ridiculous rule we have? If you see that an office is closed, for example a huge sign that says Closed Mondays, you should be able to put closed. To be honest, I dont know any company that I deliver to that actually closes for lunch on any route that I do, and I know a bunch. Do you guys actually go back to any stops, even though you know they are closed? OK enough venting. That being said, is there anything better than a nice 75 degree day, with sunshine, to be delivering? Other than being off of course
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    As long as they keep paying me, I'll do what they ask me as long as it is not illegal or immoral. If it takes me longer, I make more money.
  3. Just do what they say, you make more money, and after you blow 9.5 hours 3 or more days a week you start filing excessive OT grievances.
    Do your job by the book, you do less work and make more money, not to mention your body will last longer!
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    When I know something is closed I make it a point to sheet it before 12 or after 1, thats all.
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    You had better make sure that you are actually at the address when you scan it. In my center they have GPS and if you are scanning packages and sheeting them as closed when you arent actually there they will take you in the office and spank you good.
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    What if you get there at 12:30? Or are you saying you do it even if your not at the stop?
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    It's not a big deal...We are told not to sheet as closed between 11:59 and 13:01.
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    Take your lunch between 12-1. Closed businesses will never be a problem.

    If you won't do that, then break off at 12 and deliver resi's. Come back at 1 and continue delivering businesses where you left off.

    If you won't do that, pull the packages before you leave the building in the morning and sheet them as closed. Scan a delivery notice and write closed mondays on it.

    Personally, I wouldn't try to make an issue out of free stops.
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    Sorry, dont want to make it seem like its a big deal, more like a nuisance. It seems like I am the only person that feels that way. I just dont understand the purpose of that rule thats all. Seems like its unnecessary
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    Here most of us return the packages to the clerks in the PM with instructions to put into the system as "known closed". However if you don't want to do that, call the center and ask for instructions.
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    Scan the package, if it’s between 12-1 place it in pre-record. After 1:01 PM bring the stop up and hit stop complete. Those are the instructions we were given by the center manager in a center wide PCM. I’m not concerned with falsification of records claims with 60 witnesses in attendance.

    Let me add, the above would be for "Known Closed". If the folks are just gone to lunch, you're going back or indirect the stop.
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    We have multiple doctors/dentist offices closed 12-1 in my area.
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    I quickly scanned the replies to this thread and did not see this so I will offer it here. Put yourselves in the shoes of the customer who does have a normal job which does allow him to go to lunch between noon and 1 like most other normal people (normal meaning non-UPS person). Would you like to be penalized simply because you are at lunch when the UPS driver comes by? I would think that the number of businesses that close entirely between noon and 1 would be relatively small--there is usually someone who hangs around to answer the phones and then take his/her lunch either before or after this time. Perhaps I am fortunate but I only have 2 business (if I stay on trace) that are closed between noon and 1 and I have made arrangements with both re: deliveries. Closed between noon and 1 and closed after 5 are huge issues in my center and will warrant that individual a verbal and then a written warning if it persists.

    Known closures are different and have been discussed at length in an earlier thread. We are instructed to sheet these as CLO HOL and there are no time restrictions on doing this (these can be sheeted between noon and 1 and it's no big deal). I like to have these stops loaded in the off chance that someone is at that stop and I can get rid of these pkgs. This actually happened yesterday--I had 2 pkgs for a hair salon that is closed Mondays but the owner was there styling some old ladies hair so it worked out well.
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    Look, it is what it is. The reason I've heard is that some big companies have people on staff to find these instances and make good on the guarantee. Apparently this is something we guarantee to commercial customers. With this in mind do what your told.

    The thing I don't understand is why they don't eliminate issue this via the DIAD. A second year computer student could tweek the program and eliminate this as a problem. All they have to do is make it so the DIAD kicks the stop back when you try to stop complete it as NI or closed between 12 and 1 or after 5pm for a commercial stop. This would end the issue once and for all. A similar prompt could help eliminate COD cashier check/mo problems. As a matter of fact this is provided for in the new contract but to date has been ignored by the company. As usual UPS would rather treat the symptoms than cure the problems.
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    I go back or deliver early to the few that close between 12-1. If they are closed for the day and it's noon hour it's future, clo today.
  16. edd_tv

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    i have always used clo h for the two that i have. was instructed by an on car sup to do this.have never had a problem. also got with the computer guy who takes care of edd and had him put holds on all the addresses that are closed on certaiin days. i have dentist closed on mondays , a barber on wednesday and dr closed on fri. these are held when they are spa'd so they dont even make it to my truck to be a problem.
  17. BigBrownSanta

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    We had a driver get a warning letter for futuring a package 'til the next day. In my center, future cannot be used for anything that will be delivered the next day.

    IMO, the whole closed between 12-1 issue is because the higher ups don't trust the people working for them (and not just the drivers, sups too). Someone somewhere will abuse the system (you know someone will), therefore, the rule is in place so everyone knows what's expected of them.

    And a final note, even this issue can still be abused. There are many businesses that go to lunch early and others that don't come back at exactly 1301. Those are "legal" NI1's.

    (Go ahead Upstate, I know you're gonna nail me on the service issues. It's ok, I can take it).
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    I'm with Santa, if it becomes a problem for you and you find yourself sheeting packages bewteen 12 and 1 or you find that you are wasting too much time going back or tracking down a signature between 12 and 1, just take your lunch between 12 an 1.

    I don't like to do this because lunch from 2-3 splits my day equally. 12-1 leaves too much time in front of me. I can always find someone to sign from 12-1 so its not an issue for me.

    If your problem is sheeting regular closed businesses between 12 and 1 then I think its your problem and you should WAKE UP and "Think Mcfly, think!!!" The company doesn't want us to sheet packages from 12 to 1 as closed. Its a simple request so I just follow it, why can't everyone else? Why do you want to argue against the tide?
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    I have a question and this seems like the appropriate place to put it.

    Sheeting businesses CLO/NI, what's the difference? I was under the impression that NI is for resi, CLO is for business.

    (and ne'er the 'twain shall meet)
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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