15% raise?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by TheJackal, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. TheJackal

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    Was told at this mornings meeting that, across the country, some stations are allowed to offer a 15% raise. Why, you ask? These are some of the most poorly managed stations and they are having a hard time keeping couriers. They either transfer out (had 5 come to our station in the last 2 months) or quit (mostly new hires). From what our SM told us, the raise will only be in effect for 3 months and transfers would be immediate. What happens after that is unknown. Can you transfer back? Will the raise stay in place?

    There's a station near me that, at one point was 11-12 (if I remember right) couriers short. The couriers that were there, were working 55-60 hours each every week. I heard one courier met up with another courier that had a PM at 3:00 and got 80 stops. He delivered 50 and DEX 1 the other 30.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    You are late to the party bro. That was known last week and posted already.
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  3. adhawk

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    I got a 2% raise. Are the raises up to the management to decide or is it directly from Memphis. I was told it was based off of what pay level you were at.l?
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    We got the 15% raise. We have 40 and should have 60. Can't keep people. The pay increase gets taken away jan 31st.
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    Are you a large station? I'm not going to even bring this up at my station. We haven't heard a peep about this.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    If your station was chosen you definitely would have heard by now. I believe it started last week.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Perhaps the raises are merit based and his station sucks.
  8. jumpman23

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    Their trying to soften you suckers up with some cheese so you vote no on the union like those dumb idiots in New Jersey did. How incredibly stupid are those idiots lol
  9. dezguy

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    That's what they did here. Gave all the old blood a little bit more money and shot the whole union drive down. Then, afterwards they gave all the mid range people, like myself a bit more money to make sure there wouldn't be another drive in a couple of years. People are too stupid to see that FedEx didn't do that out of the goodness of their heart.
  10. jumpman23

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    Ditto dude, a lot of places do that shady stuff so the union wont get voted in. Bunch od idiots dude for real lol.
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    We are supposed to be a 60 driver terminals. Im sure that is small in some areas. Two 60 driver terminals cover our area. The raise is for drivers only, all drivers 15%.
    My manager is awesome but everyone that has quit has been under two other managers. Just a stressful job. We have had Ground and Home guys come and quit within a week.
  12. jumpman23

    jumpman23 Oh Yeah

    Get that union in there and some might stay for a bit feel me dude lol
  13. El Morado Diablo

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    Station size doesn't seem to matter.

    The stations I heard about in our district are various sizes with similar problems. One is a metro station that is short 40-50 people. They had some serious problems last year at peak -- we heard they had 10,000+ undelivered packages on Christmas day last year. The other stations are much smaller (probably 50-60 people combined) who've probably had close to a 50% turnover rate in the last year or two . The manager at one of these locations said SFA scores were a contributing factor in the selection process though that wasn't mentioned when the temporary pay raises were announced.
  14. TheJackal

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  15. Route 66

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    It was in the '#fedexpride' thread.
  16. Cactus

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    Realistically, the SFA scores are bad nationwide. It's how much a stations SM forged the results is what matters in the end. There's NO WAY our station could have done nearly as well as they claim. Those "good numbers" came out of a SM's office. Falsification is a management specialty they practice every day.
  17. TheJackal

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    hat explains it. I don't read every post in every thread. If I read 10%, that would be a stretch.
  18. DontThrowPackages

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    Then expect those new hires to walk Feb 1st.