$150 retention bonus

John Jacobs

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TFW $2 raise came through today.

TFW still getting $150 retention bonus weekly to show up to work

tfw averaging $22 an hour to lift boxes.

Cheers! anyone else still getting retention bonuses?

eats packages

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US drivers make $37.09 to drive a big dumb truck around.
Honestly all they need to do is stop trying to play a huge chess game with the hin #s and update/post a sequence chart to make work bearable.

I would also love to see sups actually putting out fires related to logistical problems (IE double check the lineup is correct, keep an eye on bulk that might not get contained well) rather than sneak behind the boxline slide and do hourly work.


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Woooo and here I am making 14.70 after 6 years. God this company is trash. At least I can miss work repeatedly without consequences. God bless you, union.