2 Billion Jobs to Disappear by 2030 (UPS DRIVER is one of them)

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    Back in the '50's, the science magazines predicted that nuclear-generated power would be so cheap that it wouldn't even be metered and that we would all be buzzing around on our personal jet-packs.

    Where did that get us?

    (Definitely NSFW or children!!!)
    Tim Wilson - Jetpack - YouTube
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    How will the boxes and letters get to the front door? In 17 years he will be too old and wont remember what he predicted.
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    Surepost.or lazership!

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    I can understand the train of thought, even believe that eventually all highway travel will become robotic driverless. But the idea in my lifetime, that UPS, FedEx, and our new competition Amazon Same-day Delivery will become driverless is a stretch. The delivering aspect will not be replaced in a long time but I do agree driving technology will make accidents and traffic a thing of the past.

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    I never mentioned USPS because I think that they will be long gone before a UPS or FedEx driver is affected. The ONLY thing keeping USPS alive is junk mail. My trip to the mailbox is uneventful and 2/3 gets tossed in the garbage. The other 1/3 are bills that I choose to get sent to me because I like them sent as reminders.
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    Most predictions are wrong.
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    Wasnt we supposed to have flying cars? by the year 2000?
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    Didn't you see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
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    I seen it...and now I drive it........oh wait.....you said chitty chitty. and I drive.......sh..itty.......sh....itty!I
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    The contents in boxes will be made at home via 3d printers. The letters slowly replaced by more, email, e-fax, twitter for business.
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    If every box was the same size and weight, if they had the same dimensions, and everyone that wanted a home delivery had a 30 ft smooth paved driveway, then yea sure UPS could be mechanized.

    Yet, before we get to sniffing that future glue I would reminded everyone that the Pre-load and local sort don't drive anywhere and they still haven't mechanized those jobs. They just make machines of the current humanoids.
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    My brother asked me about teleportation when I started at UPS?
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    I've said for awhile I think the people starting driving right now will be very lucky to see retirement at ups. 2030 is a little early I think but many here admitted cars that drive themselves are in our future. When this happens we are become very dispensable. Ups will break the union and all delivery personnel will pretty much be jump seat helpers.

    Also whoever said 3-D printers is right. Many things will be ordered and then just sent directly to your 3-D printer for you. Not to long ago the fact that everyone would have a cellular phone was nuts. Let alone one that's more powerful than most computers 20 years ago.
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    I can't wait for 3-D printed porn .

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    ​youll shoot your eye out, lol.

    At this point, we'd be known as ULDS. United lube delivery service. Our jobs will be safe.
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    Are your facts correct? Is there currently 2 billions jobs on the planet today? The planet's population is about 6 billion. Isn't it? So how can there be 2 billion jobs on the planet right now? Are you saying every job in the universe will be lost?
    I'm a little slow in the brains department and it just dawned on me that you meant to write 2 million. 2 million I can see easily. Obama already destroyed 2 million jobs and he still has 3 years left and the Affordable Health Care Act hasn't kicked in yet. (I don't want to hear that unemployment has fallen in the last 3 years. It only has because the numbers include people who have left the workforce or stopped looking for jobs) Add those and unemployment has been unchanged more or less since the Great Leader took office.
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    I was thinking about this thread today while I was driving a feeder tractor and trailer and I was trying to be unbiased about whether or not this technology could replace a tractor trailer driven by a human.

    I assume the tractor trailer would have to have cameras all around the tractor and trailer so that the computer can do what it does on this google car. Of course the cameras would have to be powered by the tractor via a hookup cord, the same cord would transmit info back to the computer from the trailer cameras. Now we already have a power cord that we plug into a trailer that we pull and sometimes the connection is spotty . As we turn the combined units , the cord stretches and sometimes a light goes out momentarily. Based on this occurence, one can assume the cameras can lose power when they are needed most.

    Now , sometimes I have to go over yellow lines to safely make a turn , will the "google tractor trailer" do that or will the yellow lines be sacred? Sometimes I am in deep deep traffic, metropolitan rush hour traffic in which I have to force the issue to make a lane change, if you know what I mean. Is this google computer up to task?

    ​Some of my thoughts on this.
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    How about when Google maps shows a street or road going thru, when in fact it doesn't?