2 Possible grievance issues with "shuttle driver" job.

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    I am a PT clerk that has been driving Sat Air for about 6 years. I work at an air-dock that is across a busy street from a large hub. At this air dock we have a "shuttle driver" whose job is to collect air packages that were left in the hub, perform pickups at the customer counter and dropboxes, and drive any air packages that don't make it onto the trailer about 25 miles round trip to the airport. This job is classified as a regular part time job. We are currently short on people and as the only qualified driver I am being forced into this job temporarily. My argument is that this is an air driver job, and I should be paid my top scale air rate while performing it. The drop box pickups and driving a fairly good distance on road to the airport seems to me like driver duties, and not something that should be performed by regular PT employees. (who have to have all driver qualifications) I'm theoretically risking my Sat Driving by performing this job, and I feel my compensation should match that.

    Secondly this is a "hub" job and I am a "package" employee. I don't know if other buildings do this, but they divide us into one of these 2 categories at our building. Clerks, car wash, auditors, drivers, slide sorters, and such are "package" while loaders, unloaders, regular sorters, this "shuttle driver" job etc. are "hub". This would not be an issue to me, but package employees have been told for at least the past 2 years that we do not qualify for extra work shifts during peak season. I've talked to a steward who said grievance were filed by package employees and they lost, as they are considered a separate department, or some BS along those lines. I am now being forced to work a hub job. If I am not allowed to work on hub side for extra shifts, I shouldn't be able to be forced out of my bid job to work a hub job either. Extremely irritating that when something is convenient for them they have no problem crossing this "hub/package" line, but when it means a bunch of higher-seniority package guys(and gals!) get to work their Sunday shift it's a no-go.

    So basically considering 2 grievances. 1 to classify this job as air driver, and get paid at that rate, and 2 to clarify whether I can be forced to work a hub job when I am not allowed to work hub jobs for double/extra shifts. Do these sound legitimate, or am I nutty?

    PS sorry so long, thanks if you actually read.
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    You should be paid your current air divider rate for all hours on road as an air driver. It doesn't matter which air driving job you perform. When I was a TCD I would work as an air driver in the morning's and sometimes the PM Air route in the evening whenever I wasn't running ground. I was paid the same air driver rate for those jobs as well as Saturday work. We routinely have your problem with newer air drivers and those that file always win and get their pay adjusted and back pay.

    I'm not sure about your other problem.
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  3. Nutty, being on bottom sucks
  4. Call your business agent.
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    Your best advice is going to come from your BA. He/she is way more aware of how the building work is divided at your building. The only thing we can do is look to the magic 8 ball.
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    Welp, that was easy.

    Full timer immediately agreed to pay me air rate without even asking for a steward. I was surprised. As far as the extra shifts go he said he would ask around for clarification, and he'll get back to me tomorrow. He's usually pretty good on following up so hopefully I get a good answer.

    Thanks for the answers everyone.
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    I don,t understand how running an airport shuttle is risking your Saturday Air job. Working too late Friday night to legally work Saturday?