2007 MIP Elements Update posted ... looking bad ...

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by UPScomputerGUY, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Well ... the bogus MIP elements have been updated ... and of course we are below on 5 out of 6 of them. I see a 1.0 MIP this year ... while upper management gets ther 250% incentive since their bonuses are still based on profit ... :mad:
  2. The MIP is going to be bad this year and maybe next. They're working everyone's 5 year average pay down as far as they can in preparation for screwing us on our pensions. Just watch. Get that 5 year average as low as possible and then cap off the pension plan. That's what they're up to.
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    Unreal.. Partnership, My A**. UPS is like every other company now, sad, real sad. Casey is turing in his grave. Where are the founders families, they should oust the entire C-level group and start a huge restruc
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    and my incentive to go into management is? Thanks, but no thanks. Don't hold your breath waiting for my letter.:smartass:
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    Hope all you complainers sent your proxies in and witheld your votes on all candidates! Maybe then the corporate experts will get the message.
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    I'm glad to be out of there and also glad I sold my stock while it was still worth something.
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    some positves in this earnings statement.

    UPS projected a slowing economy while FDX said "what slowing economy"? until they were surprised by it.

    UPS trimming fat. International market grew nicely this quarter. SCS rebounded nicely. Plans to accelerate the integration of Overnight. Plans to buyback shares.

    contract negotiations going well. something I heard today about the contract negotiations I found interesting:

    In 97 the teamsters did not present thier economic proposals until the day before the strike.
    In 2002 they did not present thier economic proposals until the week of the hand shake.
    this time they have already presented thier economic proposals which gives another indication that negotiations may be far into the serious stage.
    much talk about how to strengthen the various pension plans.
    firm committments from both sides to continue meeting frequently in the coming month to get this thing done.

    an early settlement with a fair increase for our people , a strengthening of the pensions and medical, perhaps language on enjoining overnight into the teamsters and a few additional flexibility items could possibly showcase UPS and the teamsters working together in a proactive partnership far beyond what anyone thought ever possible.

  9. Couple this with the savings we will experience by further reducing the MIP this year and we will really be positioned well going forward. Buy now while the current stock price is a bargin.
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    Like they said its only halftime . we can change the direction of this game
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    So what are "we" going to do differently in the 2nd half to turn this thing around???
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    Could the sting of UPSER's wanting to oust the teamsters and start their own union have any part in this new proactive partnership?
    The negotiations started in a serious stage. The teamsters( by their own poll) showed the concern UPS employees had with our pensions.
    APWA , starts drawing national support.
    Ta Dah,
    the teamsters start negotiating a year early to address the pension shortfall.
    Changes have already occurred at CS regarding our pension, to the better.
    To be my cynical self,
    Why have these changes happened so suddenly, after the adversarial relationship between UPS and the teamsters?
    My simple answer is, APWA.
  13. Been hearing that garbage for 7 years now. Closing stock price on 11/10/99 was $68 and change. 7 yrs later it's almost $72. During the same period one could have doubled their money by throwing darts to pick stocks. You can't spend "positives."
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    Interesting perspective boiled frog. I don't trust the way these elements are picked and then calculated...glad its not my money...
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    cut costs , sign more customers .
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    I don't know about the APWA angle but I'm sure the teamster leadership has fielded a lot of pension concerns from its members.
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    I share some of the same anxiety. To me it depends on where you want to look , rear view mirror or straight ahead. This company will not experience significant growth domestically. Too much competition on a tapped out market. So as an investor looking for this company to grow I am looking at the international market and SCS to report positive growth for the future of my investment. Both had positive reports this quarter.
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    I sold my stock for $75 in 2004.
    I paid my second mortgage off.
    I no longer work for big brown.
    Looks like I did the right thing
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    There is no incentive. From what I see they are overworked under paid & r constantly threatend
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    If we didn't do those things in the first six months, what makes you think we can do it in the 2nd? And why didn't we do them in the first 6 months??