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  1. Over12upsblows

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    Do you think the Teamsters will strike against UPS when this contract is up or will they cut a deal before it expires? It seems that this next contract could be the most important one UPS Teamsters have ever faced. Thoughts?
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Early contract signed.
    The changes in the contract will be interesting to see.
  3. 3 done 3 to go

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    Depends on who wins general President. Hoffa as Hoax stated. Pope possible
  4. brownedout

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    I don't see any possibility of a strike in 2013. That being said, I felt the same way in 1997. More important than who wins the ongoing IBT elections, is who will win the national elections in the next 2 years. It was believed by many TV newspeople in '97 that a Republican President would have intervened. Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, as a strike in 2013 would be the end of UPS and the Teamsters. JMHO
  5. Evil

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    If Hoffa hasn't had the balls to enforce the contract there is no way he'll strike. Hoffa is in with UPS hands down. If Sandy Pope wins its another story. First she will take UPS to arbitration just like Carey did and get those 20,000 full time jobs that are still owed. Then she will have to gain back the loses from this last contract. Gegare is another Hoffa, no principles or courage, just in it for himself.
  6. hembone

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    A lot of things have changed since 97. With the economy the way it is right now don't expect a lot of sympathy from the public.
  7. moreluck

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    You got that right!!
  8. Inthegame

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    Early contract desired, changes in every contract are interesting. The "early" contract will be dependent on the reasonableness of negotiations. If UPS takes the lead from the Republican Governors "War on Workers", or if the Teamsters get stupid and don't recognize the mood of the country, things will get real interesting. But I believe brighter people than Republican Governors are running both UPS and the Teamsters so I agree an early contract will be presented for ratification and accepted.
  9. Inthegame

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    If Sandy wins it'll still be Hoffa people negotiating. The thought that she'll "win" an arbitration regarding 22.3's is a stretch. Arbitrators make goofy decisions too.

    Evil, do you know Gegare? You state, "Gegare is another Hoffa, no principles or courage, just in it for himself." If this was true why didn't Gegare just stay on the Hoffa slate? If he had no principles wouldn't staying with Hoffa make more sense? Five more years of cashing checks/doing nothing sure beats retiring for someone with no principles or courage. Gegare doesn't lack courage or principles, he lacks timing and good judgement. He should have left Hoffa 10 years ago. Fred Gegare also served his country as a United States Marine, so tell your story walking if you want to question his courage. I'll guarantee you wouldn't say that to his face.
  10. Inthegame

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    There's a pretty good chance the next UPS/IBT agreement will be in place before Jan 20, 2013. I thought all the free marketeers didn't want government intervention in the private sector, but you think the Pres should step into our labor issues?
  11. Evil

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    I said to his face at the convention.
  12. Inthegame

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    Sure you did tough guy. There was no Gegare v Pope confrontations anywhere at that convention, in fact it was portrayed by Hoffa forces as a Fred/Sandy lovefest. If you were there you'll remember Hoffa's campaign photo shopped Fred and Sandy on the Titanic. There was plenty Hoffa /Gegare hostilities everywhere. The Pope supporters vanished up to their bunker immediately after the proceedings with few exceptions. Tim S had the nuts to walk around anywhere. Sandy was damn near alone most of the time. If you squeaked anything to Gegare, you didn't tell him he had no courage or he would've broken you in half.
  13. brownedout

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    No I don't think our President should get involved in our labor issues, if there is an issue in Aug. 2013. Was only stating as most newscasters felt in '97 that a Pro-Big Business Pres. (Republican) would have in some way had us working, while the two sides were in Federal Mediation. I'm hopeful there won't be a strike in '13, but if there was I would't mind government intervention. The government intervenes all the time in the private sector, so much so recently, that it is now impossible to stop. No one will win in a strike. No one won in '97. No one will win in '13.
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  14. packageguy

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    I hope there is no strike, noboby wins,
    say what you guys want truth is the truth.
    I think things should be explained in
    black and white, not grey.. over 9.5 ,
    22.3 jobs, that seems to be the hot spot,
    they want answers we deserve to know.

    We read posts and it seems different
    to everyone we talk with. Taking jobs he
    in the north and bring south no problem
    just prove thats the case. drivers feel that
    jobs are not being replaced.
  15. cino321

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    I have a feeling things will become even grayer.
  16. chitterling

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    With the climate of no respect and forced overtime among other treatment that tends to lean toward ups feeling that we have no life or family, Do you forsee a strike in Aug 2013? What happened to the promise from Keith Porter about correcting these issues?
    He met w/ us and them and it's only gotten worse!!
  17. chitterling

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    if the union smells the tuna and cares we are being treated like crap......strike is certain no integrity left in the brown hole
  18. Jones

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    There's something missing here...
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    Ups is not broke by any means, part time or fulltime employees should not pay a penny for insurance. Profit margins over the period of this contract sky rocketed dont forget how they bragged over the last 5 years how mow many billions the profited per quarter. Stand strong fellow members because we deliver these profits for the company and should bargain for our share of thee profits. Furthermore you dont ever accept the first offer presented to you can and should VOTE NO and make UPS and Teamster come up with there best offer. Also a no vote on the first offer is not and i repeat not a strike authorization vote that is seperate vote and has nothing to do with contact proposal vote. I am very disapointed that we have not been informed by Teamsters leadership about negotiations its sad make them do their job get he best offer available for everyone. 1. Pension increase 2. partime hourly increase etc.just to name a few.