22.3 jobs, part time or full time towards vacations?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by MrMethods, Jul 23, 2018.

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    In your hub, when a 22.3 employee picks vacation, do they go by part time scheduling, or full time scheduling? In my hub, 40-45 drivers, We have two 22.3 jobs that vacations are classified as part time and don’t count towards full time vacation numbers. We have one one 22.3 job that works am preload and then porters/shuttles. Then the next guy porters and shuttles air to the airport. When the am guy goes on vacation, his shift isn’t covered. If the pm guy goes on vacation it’s covered by a part timer that’s a local sort and air driver.

    Ideally we would like the 22.3 positions to count towards full time vacations as it would help to allow more full timers off per week.

    Someone filed on this years ago saying they should count towards full time vacations but the grievance lost at panel.

    How do 22.3 vacations work at your hub?
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  3. Boxslinger11

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    Pt preload has their own list
    Am 22.3 has their own list
    Local sort has their own list
    Pm 22.3 has own list
    Etc etc etc
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    In my building the 22.3 guys have their own vacation list that is totally separate from drivers or part timers.

    What are you trying to accomplish here? Not totally clear.

    You want a driver to come in and perform the 22.3 work if the 22.3 guy is on vacation?
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    All about vacations. Trying to have the 22.3 jobs count towards full time staffing. We only have 5 full time driver vacations per week. Trying to get it to 7
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    Trying to get it to *6 I meant to type.
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    Part timer comes in and covers 22.3 vacation
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    Or the work is absorbed by the ones not on vacation. Some 22.3 jobs are just make work to fill a job. The only ones who are of any value to the company are the Midnight/Preload jobs that no one else wants.
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    Is your contract not clear in the matter? While your at it see if they can add more feeder driver vacations.

    We have 3 full time vacation lists in my small building.
    Feeders, 22.3's and full time drivers. Number if vacations allowed per week is a function of how many people are on the particular vacation list. Clearly stated in the contract.
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    In our building the 22.3 and part timers are lumped together with full time seniority beating part time seniority, although contract language suggests that building seniority should be the deciding factor