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    i was wondering if anyone has tried this in your canter. has there ever been or have you heard of a package driver moving to a inside 22.3 position. the way that i read the contract there are conflicting language and a gray area about this. one part it says that it is intended for part timers to move into a full time position and then in another area it says that if a full timer is to transfer into this position it talks about what his or her progression would be.

    the only reason that i am reading this language is because the work conditions in my center are so bad that i get back home after 830 at night and dont get to see my family. i dont think that anyone has ever tried this because of the drastic cut in pay, who in their right mind would even think about it. but like is said i am tired of getting home so late. i only live 20 minutes from work. its not like i have to drive an hour to and from work.

    any ideas or comments would be great.

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    There's a couple 22.3s on my shift that were PC drivers before. One had like 20 years in PC. They've said the pay cut and the hours took some getting used to but years later they have no regrets.

    Personally I think the progression should go PT > 22.3 > PC <> Feeders as 22.3 was created to help PTs go FT and at least in my observations the last 5 years the only 22.3 positions that opened up in my facility got taken by a PC driver and the place vacated in PC doesn't get filled.

    Edit: Bear in mind that going 22.3 may still impact your family life, we really don't have many day positions so 22.3s here are generally either starting work around 11 pm and getting home after preload is finished, or starting work around 5-6 pm and getting home after 3 am.
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    We had a PC driver who had a bad habit of hitting things while driving and getting hurt while delivering. She was offered the choice of accepting a 22.3 position or resigning----she took the 22.3, losing $8/hr in the process.
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    I am a former package (16 yrs) who went 22.3. We also have a few part timer's who bid 22.3 positions. I must say, making the move changed my life for the better and I will never look back. Once again, personal responsibility is key. Live within your means and you can do it.
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    Full time gets first pick at vacant 22.3 jobs at my hub. Many drivers took the best of these jobs when they were first made available. Almost all our jobs are midnight preload. Did have a 2 hour break between sorts.
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    After 30+ years of package car and PT years, I bid my 22.3 job. It's a pm clerk/air shuttle run to the airport. I start at 3:30 in the afternoon and work my 8 hour shift. I'm a Red Circle employee so I didn't really take much of a pay decrease. My package car route was bid and a new employee was promoted.
  8. If your looking to move into a 22.3 job, your classification seniority date (The day you went from part time to package car driver) must be higher than someone's part time seniority. For example, if you started driving June of 2005. That is the seniority you would go by not your company seniority date
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    jackofalltrades thanks for the reply. just wondering do you know where that is written in the contract or is that just what your hub/center does. that is something that i tried to bring up. our union said that pc drivers could not bid into that. the only reason that i didnt pursue it was because there was another driver with more seniority then me but the part timer i had some questions about. the part timer was a transfer. it is my understanding that you lose all seniority when you come into a new hub/center. am i right? or for bidding purposes does it go by hire date? transfer date? drive date?

    thanks everyone for the comments. really getting my thoughts going. keep em coming.