22.3 working holidays

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    I'm a 22.3, I usually work the day before Thanksgiving and other holidays. I am paid straight time while all the drivers are paid time and a half. They say I'm an air support employee on those days. They cite article 40. That air drivers and support employees will get straight plus holiday pay. We have no air drivers in our small center so its all full-time drivers and they get their regular pay at time and a half..... why don't I???? I'd like to file a grievance but I need to find some language that backs me up. IMO the language for protecting 22.3's is really lacking. Maybe something can be addressed with the next contract but for now, has anyone else had any success in fighting this???
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    Not all FT drivers get time and one half.
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    due to a labor relation ruling a few years ago, not a chance in fighting this. I've tried and lost.
    If you're waiting for a new contract to fix this, good luck. The union don't care.
    This is the very reason that I will always vote no to any contract.