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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Hoffa SUX, Aug 9, 2013.

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    These guys are steering up the boat at Local 251 in Rhode Island.
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    Yes. Take a look at their qualifications. Lmao!!
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    Where is upstate!! We need him! This sentence should be considered a crime against humanity! :)
  4. Anonymous 10

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    TDU still sucks
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    Yea that Hoffa sux guy is a glowing endorsement for TDU. I love hillbillies
  6. stink219

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    This new slate now say they are not TDU. Lmao! They were handing out TDU's crap newspaper a month ago. They are all over the TDU website. These guys will lie to their own mothers to get a vote. I'm reading their qualifications, it's hysterical! Most of these guys running for BA were never even stewards. The ones that were stewards were removed for despicable reasons.
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    ... and at 9:23 TDU still sucks...
  8. stink219

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    I couldn't agree more!!
  9. stink219

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    You know the drill brother!
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    Now it's 10:55 and they suck worse.
  11. The Other Side

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    This is just the begining of the end of the current administrations. Hoffa /hall are the long game, and the locals are the short game in this fight.

    Nobody who approved this contract will be safe from the membership.

    You guys can name call, and throw out TDU all you want, those words mean nothing anymore to a membership freshly screwed by the current Teamster brass.

    Stay tuned.


  12. stink219

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    And TDU's cheerleader appears! It's funny that even the TDU supporters in my local approved the contract. You talk of being screwed. You haven't been screwed yet.
  13. stink219

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    The same contract supporters that are running against the current e board.
  14. stink219

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    Look at their slate. The guy running for Secretary/Treasurer failed his 30 days twice. Made 22.3 by the skin of his teeth. Was removed as a pt steward for reasons I can't speak of yet. Never held a union position. If he is a mistake maker, I don't want him screwing up my bennies, pension or contract.
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    that's all I got.
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    Tdu sucks at about 3:02 in the afternoon.
  17. BigUnionGuy

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    Reading anything TDU says.... is like watching an episode of Seinfeld.

    It's the same old thing you have seen before.... but you still laugh.

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    I agree BUG
  19. stink219

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    My favorite is the guy running for Trustee on the United Action Slates list his qualifications as "works in the Laundry Department". I mean is this a joke? I'm not knocking what the man does for a living but I will knock that I feel he maybe a severely under qualified. So am I to trust that he will look over the books of the Secretary Treasurer for inconsistencies?
  20. stink219

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    Lmao!!! Nice!!
    So here is a comparison of qualifications between the dude running for Sec/Tres (No names to protect identity). I put additional facts in parenthesis. This info was taken of the web.

    UA251 Candidate: Has been an active members of UPS for 15 years (most of those were part time for failing his 30 days twice in a row) where he served as a shop steward (and was removed for his egregious behavior), and previously SuperValu. He has taken extensive labor courses in union representation and organizing (meaning a steward training class). He holds a BA in Business Administration.

    Next is the qualifications of my current Sec/Tres.
    The Membership Candidate:
    He has been a member of Local 251 since 1977. Prior to becoming an officer, he worked at Rhode Island Produce Company, PRM Concrete and M&G Convoy (Allied) Carhaul, where he also held Shop Steward positions. Elected a Trustee for Local 251 in 1992, he went on to become President and Business Agent in 1995, 1998, 2001, and 2004. In September, 2006, He became Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Executive Officer. In addition, he has held many other positions over the years:
    •Member of the Negotiating Committee Eastern Region New England Supplemental Agreement
    •Co-Chair of the Eastern Automobile Transporters Joint Arbitration Committee
    •National and Eastern Area Automobile Transporters Joint Arbitration Committee
    •Eastern and National Negotiating Committee for Automobile Transporters
    •New England Joint Area Committee Freight Panel
    •New England Freight Interpretation's Committee
    •Recording Secretary--Teamsters Joint Council 10 New England
    •Advisory Trustee -- New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union
    • Car-haul Director for Joint Council 10 New England
    •Co-Chair of Teamsters' Health Services and Insurance Plan
    •Member of the Rhode Island Labor Advisory Council
    •AFL-CIO Executive Board Member
    He is currently working with Local Unions throughout the country on campaigns to organize the non-union Carhaul companies and has served on the National UPS Freight Negotiating Committee.

    Now who would you rather run your local?