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    I was hoping I could get clarification on something I read on here about running misloads during 30 day qualifying would possibly mean they have to qualify you because your not suppose to be working on another rte during 30 day qualifying period? I just finished my 30 days and I ran misloads almost everyday during my qualifying period and there's two more behind me who's doing there 30 and they run misloads too so I was just curious if that was true.
  2. burrheadd

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    So, did you qualify or not?

    That should answer your question
  3. scooby0048

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    It does not matter unless you were struggling. Then you could use that to help your defense to answer why you were over etc;

    THE BROWN BLUR New Member

    Thanks scoob, I have already qualified I was just surprised when I read that running misloads on another route would automatically qualify you since that's a normal everyday thing at my center I wouldn't expect the manager or sups to be that uninformed or unaware of something like that which could play a huge factor for some if it was true. I am just a rookie and appreciate ya taking time to reply
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    Where did you read that ?

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    As far as I know if you run anything other than your training route (alone) during your 30 days you automatically qualify. I think running a missload from another route would do the same. During my thirty they sent someone to grab them and wouldn’t let me deliver them.

    Just something to keep in mind.
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    I’m a tcd so there’s probably different rules for me but last week which was my 3rd week driving they put me on a new route. Just wondering when I get the opportunity to get a full time driving position if I still will have to qualify
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    So the answer is: Who TF cares??
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  9. Zowert

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    It’s true tho.. I had miss loads every other day during my 30 and when I paged them in I got a message back saying “do not deliver, driving coming to pick them up”. Then someone came and grabbed them. I assume it has something to do with running off your route during the 30.
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    Depends on your supplmental language. In mine you only have to qualify once.
  11. Jones

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    Nah, they were just looking out for you during your qual period.
  12. brownmonster

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    Same route for 30 straight days? Weak.
  13. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Not sure your harassment is warranted
  14. Zowert

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    That’s nice of them. Had an easy route and scratched almost every day. At the time they were in desperate need of drivers so I can see them doing that.
  15. Mr.Blonde

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    What region are you in?