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    Officials at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center say this morning's tsunami wave should arrive at a height of 2.5 meters on the Big Island and a height of only half a meter or a meter when it reaches Oahu at 11:59 a.m.

    So much exicitement. Went to the gas station to put gas. There was a long line everyone waiting there turn. Then here comes this woman trying to cut in line by driving the opposite direction to put gas in here truck. Everyone yelling at her who do you think you are cutting in line. Wait in line like everyone else. What a moron this woman is. She thinks she can just cut in line.

    The local news are attempting to tell surfers don't go surfing. But their live video feeds show surfers paddling out and surfing. :laughing:
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    i thought this was going to be a thread about snowfall totals. ..:)
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    My daughter (Waianae) called and said that all her neighbors had left. She's staying with her animals (3 dogs) right now. The mayor of Honolulu was on and said they are doing all the evacuation that they practice all the time, like beach closing and moving hotel guests to 3rd floor and above, etc but he thinks Oahu will be spared. She's just staying tuned to Ewa Beach Tsunami Warning Center.

    I would worry if I lived on Farrington Hwy. They may get something.
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    The earth must be :censored2: off lately cause Okinawa just had an earthquake of 6.9...
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    The Hammer's coming....
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    global warming is also causing the earth to shake. Save us Al Gore . Please save us. :happy-very:
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    Me too!
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    no disrespect to those in fear of earthquakes or tsunami's but its almost nice to talk about something other then a cold snowy winter. This winter has been absolutely incredible. Over I feel for you. Keep digging. :happy2: