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    I know there is another thread of nearly the same title, but the information doesn't answer my question.

    My center supposedly is looking to hire 6 casuals after peak. The more i think about it the more i realize this seems impossible with the whole 6:1 inside/outside ratio. Am i thinking right or would a casual technically be considered an inside hire? If they're making things up then whatever, on to the next thing when i'm booted.
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    There is no casual language anymore. They are a part time cover. 6 to 1 is 6 part time to 1 outside hire. If it's to the one outside hire. You may need to wait till that is filled. But., most quit. If your nextt in line to drive is a good thing
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    So a casual driver (i am one) falls under the part time language for 6 to 1?
  4. 3 done 3 to go

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    I'm in upstate. Our supplement has no casual language. If your already pt. You need to be the most senior to be offered a driving job. Otherwise they will have you as a cover driver.
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    Alright not sure where i'd fall as i'm just a seasonal driver, bit of a gray area i guess.
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    Talk with your steward. Find out where you are on the list. Seasonal? You've got years of trying. Persistance is the way to go. Get inside , your time will be half
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    A seasonal doesn't fall under the 6 part of the 6/1. You would have to be the 1. If they are telling you they are hiring all six I'd bet they are blowing smoke up your rear.
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    The more i thought about it the more i figured it was bs. But old timers in the building insist people need to be hired due to alot of retirements. But maybe even thats bs too.
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    It could happen. It's probably not like they are saying though. Ups will tell the good ones they will be hiring a lot and keep you on the line. It could take a year. If you get the job after 4 years you can make 100k plus about 40g more in benefits.
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    The only way that would happen is if there aren't any pt insiders who want to drive. If they hire 6 people from off the street and there are insiders that are waiting to drive, there will be grievances filed pretty quickly.
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    ........so off the street casuals go by seniority when getting put on FT?
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    Real 6:1
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    Should be the one opportunity in a union shop when you can pick the best instead.
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    ^ To my knowledge that is how it would work. Center manager said today during the pcm that they will be hiring and hopefully with no lay offs. There is/was 15 of us, pick the best i guess.