6 months with UPS and offered a FTP driver.

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  1. iUP$

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    Hello everyone,

    Happy I found this site, can't wait to look around and learn a lot of new cool stuff here!

    My name is Miguel, I am a part time loader at Chicago O'hare Airport. I been busting my butt for about 6 months now. I got offered a full time permanent package handler position and I gladly accepted it. I graduated from NSPT school couple weeks ago. Crazy experience(in a good way). My start date as a PHD is on June, 9th and I am very excited for this opportunity!

    Glad I am board with everyone here and hope to meet new people around the area!
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  2. Bound2Drive

    Bound2Drive Work hard, then work harder.

    Wow that's amazing Miguel and congrats! I am hoping to be as lucky in that process as I am trying to get my foot on the door as a feeder driver. From what I heard it takes several years to get bumped up to package car driver, although everywhere is different. Hope all goes well.

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  3. Go Brown Or Go Home!

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    Miguel did you mean full time perm package DELIVERY driver?

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  4. jumpman23

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    I was thinking the same thing and also thinking hes got one of the best jobs going being a fulltime package handler lmfao.