60 or 70 hour rules



we have sleeper teams here in Iowa we have to sign a letter of intent to run these why? My main question is how do the other places that have sleeper teams pic if you can run 60 or 70 hours here in dsm we jump back and forth sometimes day to day and have people going over their 60 hours and getting fired I hear some places they sign the intent list and stay on the 70 hour rule for the year. Also ups here makes rule for teams when ever it is in their favor can some one send me their rules. We were told by our local this was going to be on the contract but nothing happened .


i also questioned the 60 or 70 hours a week rule in our district(no ill). the unoin said not to make to much about it because they felt we were already working too many hours. the company argued it was only 60 hours in 7 days. i argued that if the company ran a 24 hour operation it was 70 in 8 days. i called the fhwa in washington d.c., and asked the question to them. they replied it was at the companies discretion as to which ruled applied. so i stopped pushing the issue. another issue i have have been pushing is the legality of bobtailing with a dolly.