705 and 710 forced to accept contract.

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    Oh I’m sorry about that and go on with my day lol

    Haven’t been written up yet but that depends on center manager and stuff.
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    What the decision says, is basically "as long as the employee has their uniform over

    top of what they are wearing, that identifies them as a UPS driver
    " you can wear

    what you want.

    The only disc's I have (or have seen) are Court and Arbitration decisions.


    No.... not Roadway, UPS.
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    I survived 30 winters without a hoodie. Just sayin.
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    Keep voting Democrat, and watch your income shrink. The property taxes there are ridiculous too.
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    Does it look like this???

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    I'll see your bet (disc).... and raise you 5 more.



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    Just for @Griffin1820 (and anyone else who is concerned)


    The whole "hoodie" issue.... has been a non-issue in my Local for years. (12 ?)

    It started out in feeders.

    The company was like "we will allow it, because they don't contact the public".

    I was like no....

    It's good for everyone.

    Then I whipped out the JAC interp. It shut them up pretty quick.

    Like I said.... the company hands them out like candy now.... for free.

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    Im hopeful that soon it will be a non issue here as well.
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    Local 710 have some kind of inner circle society. If you look at the total tally, it is very very small for a big membership. The votes for the Master was disappointing. Everyone in local couldn't vote on Master.

    So, forgive me if I am not going to take the local election as too seriously in chance of circus performance.
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    I call....

    Those relics probably wouldn't run unless someone has an old Gateway 2000 computer we could resurrect.

    Do you have it on floppy disk as well???


    I'm betting that last disc (with no writing) in your picture is actually a bootleg copy of a Monsters of Rock concert.

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    710 is supposedly voting in 2 weeks....per BA.
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    May as well get it out of the way
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    It is a contractual issue in 177 when the contract says there is a uniform policy and the company is allowed to change it when ever they see fit with out the unions consent.
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    That doesn't seem to be the case, based on the 177 language.


    "The employees shall comply with the current standards of personal appearance regulations posted by the Company and with such reasonable amendments as shall be adopted by the Company. A Joint Committee, consisting of two (2) representatives of the Company and two (2) representatives of the Union, shall be convened periodically for the purpose of reviewing and, where indicated, recommending changes in rules or policies relating to standards of appearance."


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    Ah, the power our great union has. Will the suggestions be strongly worded, at least?
  17. East coast navy

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    It’s funny you show this. Answer me why the company was allowed to change the language you show for making their employees cover up thier tattoos, also taking the tattooed employees to arbitration and the company won the case because they can change the uniform guidelines when ever they wish. Not once to arbitration but many times... I love your passion but we lost many times on this issue. Unless something comes up in the future I'm going to be forced to cover up for the rest of my career.
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    The whole tattoo issue seems to inconsistently applied, as evidenced by numerous

    pictures on the internet. But, the issue has been lost many times at the National

    Panel and in arbitration going all the way back to 2000-01 ?

    I don't know what you expect.... when the members don't bother to vote.

    New Jersey Local 177 only had a participation rate of 37.35%



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    I expect the leadership of the IBT to fix this long demonstrated apathy, instead of embracing it to justify their failures.

    Because if they don't fix it, I fear the whole notion of a Teamsters Union will soon be lost forever.