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  1. The major issues were better insurance coverage and the 4 year progression. Yes, Team Care is a done deal but coverage can be better. As far as the 4 year progression why would the several hundred drivers hired after August 1st 2013 vote to add another year onto their pay progression?? I filed a grievance to get credit for seasonal time worked and the company denied it and the union sat there with thumbs up their asses. Drivers hired off the street sometimes work over 3 years as seasonal waiting for a full time job and none of that time counts contrary to the propaganda sent with the ballots.
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    Just keep plugging away. It gets better.
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    The coverage really should be better with the millions teamcare has in the bank.
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    The union got big raises for f/t employees, that money had to come from somewhere. So they gave em another year in progession. Most new employees are on the kool aid. It will take them realizing they got the shaft to wake up. Hope the same won't happen in the next negotiations. They did get some nice improvements though.
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    Credit for seasonal work? Are you kidding? I'm surprised that grievance was even heard. All of us inside hires have played the free period game for years, took me 6 years of utility driving to finally get full time. Consider yourself lucky if you are an outside hire.
  6. Outside hires work seasonal for years too waiting for full time ooenings. Why should you guys be the only ones getting credit? Plus we work in split barns so we cant do city work or shifting because its 705 work. That means 2 days a week if we are lucky when we are starting out. You sound like a selfish jerk by the way.
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    Selfish jerk? Only stating facts, be thankful my friend. You think a 4 year progression is so bad then go work somewhere else.
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    Babboo is only stating facts. The panel was probably :censored2: you wasted their time on a grievance with no merit. Read your supplement. The language is for part-timers who drive during seasonal periods. The language doesn't take effect until ratification. Who's the selfish jerk?
  9. Learn to read then you can maybe give a thoughtful answer instead of making yourself look like an idiot. You have no idea how our building operates or why the grievance was filed.
  10. Somebody saying that we should consider ourselves lucky to be an outside hire is a total moron. Our whole Chicago district only hires outside for 710 feeder and we make up 85% of 710. Thats the problem with the language. We work seasonal like you guys work part time, for years waiting for openings The language is already in the contract Chevy only change is to 12 months from 6 months. So ratification has no bearing on this. Dennis, the agent, told me that the clause is understood to apply to all coverage drivers. He specifically said to file a grievance if we havent been getting credit for coverage work.
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    It looks like the new 24/7 On Call language is still in there, did I read that right? Was there much blowback on that?
  12. They made a big deal about the fact that we still get 2 consecutive days off. I have to go through and read it again.
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    I feel for you. Problem is there is no other supplement, that I know of, that allows credit for seasonal work. If you got this into your contract, you would be the only ones.

    I know a guy that worked seasonal for 4 years. Finally got hired on. He is low man on the totem pole. No credit for seasonal work.

    With the 6 for 1, 5 inside guys got into feeders while he still worked seasonal.
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    Local 89, Louisville feeder drivers put up a stink last contract. UPS hired a crapload of drivers off the street. As they needed more, they took package drivers into feeders and they brought their company seniority with them.

    These package drive were ahead of all the street hires in seniority. The street hires did not like it and wanted the contract changed.

    Now the seasonals want the contract changed. Again, I feel for you, but I highly doubt it will change. Seasonals have no vote.
  15. Chicago is unique because city drivers are in Local 705 while road drivers are Local 710. For this reason every single 710 employee is a street hire. With the new 4 year progression it would be nice if Chicago area had the same credit for time worked before being hired full time as surrounding hubs get. The contract just needs 2 words added to it- Part time "And Seasonal".
    For the gentleman mentioning seniority for feeder. This is only for credit for pay progression
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    I see how it works now. Different scenario than they had in Louisville.
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    Why is the mileage rate still 70% of 2002 rate for new hires? Couldn't they get something better on this contract?
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    Exactly.....were 50% of current scale now.
  19. Sad, nothing was improved of importance