8 Drivers Skip Lunch 1 More Driver Can Be Laid Off

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    I know this point has been discussed here before. But with all the layoff talk, and it does look like it will happen. It is more important now than ever that each of you take your required meal period. Be it 30 min. or an 60 min.whatever your supplement requires. And at the appropriate time BEFORE the 8th hour.Not at the end of your day.

    This should be the way it's done everyday but I know that it is not. The company is cutting routes and drivers, expecting everyone to do more work. There is no problem with the company striving to be more efficient. The problem arises when people are working off the clock ( skipping lunch) to achieve the new goal. This dysfunctional new mandate can also aided by not taken your meal at specified time.

    I know there are a million reasons that you feel you have to skip your meal. It's fill in the blank______( hot,cold,dark,late,ballgame,play,school function,etc.) Or to take your meal after you finish. I can't take my meal on time because I will _____ ( miss business,have too much to do after pickups,miss pickups,be to bulky,etc.) These obstacles are to be corrected by management, not by you the driver. You should be able to take your full meal at the appropriate time and finish all the work you have been given safely.

    No one ever told you when you were hired that you would be working 8-5. Accept your responsibility to work safely and be paid for all the time you work. No matter how long or late it may be.Or if you are interested in running all day and working off the clock and being paid that way, by the package, mile, and stop FEDEX Ground is always in need of "independent contractors". Do it the right way who knows the job you save may be your own.
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    I totally agree with you, outta hours. I have said this for years. The company is not going to give you free money, so don't give them free time. There really would be more routes if people would take their meal and do nothing but take meal. Not eating a sandwich while sorting the truck, or while driving to your next stop.
    I think a lot of drivers fear the old ride along or harassment for under performance. If you do it by the book, you have both feet to stand on.:wink2:
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    I pull my keys everyday anywhere from 12:45-1:20 and then take my 10 min break and 20 min lunch. Put keys back in and away we go..never will I work through lunch like I did when I first started driving. This is 30 minutes to clear your head, make a phone call, enjoy your lunch!! You body needs the break.
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    One thing to keep in mind is that, at least in my building, most of the runners and lunch skippers are the very same junior drivers who should be worried about getting laid off.

    Of course when I point this out to them I generally get a blank look, or a story that starts with "But I have to be home by 4PM because blah blah blah....."

    January should be interesting.
  5. soberups

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    UPS's entire business model is based upon rigging their time allowances to create a "standard" that can only be met by working off of the clock.

    9 drivers who can be coerced/manipulated/harassed into skipping their lunches means one route that doesnt get dispatched. Of course, this means a driver laid off, or not on the payroll to begin with.

    In addition to saving $$ on unpaid wages, this also means one less employee recieving health benefits or pension contributions.

    Any management person who insists that the allowances are "fair" needs to quit drinking the Kool-aid and do the math.

    Time is money. UPS doesnt give away money.
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    I take between 10 & 30 minutes daily but i do get paid for the balance of the hour.......

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    It should not matter if you take it between 1-2 or take it at the end of the day. The argument should be to make sure you TAKE it regardless.

    Though I have been on a couple routes that is 90-95% business and the reg. driver will work through lunch to get it done. These are the ones that are ruining it for others, not the ones taking lunch after dark on residential routes.
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    OMG this is the same thing in our building....then they bitch every morning "I can't believe they are giving me this much today" everyday it is the same broken record.
  9. McLeod

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    These are the same guys who are worried about being laid off in January; but didn't sign the voluntary signup for work the day after Thanksgiving! Some of them just love to cry!!
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    i always take my lunch at the end of the day but i ALWAYS take my lunch. i only didnt take a lunch on my 1st day driving alone, but ever since then i take it. i do mostly business route and i work straight though, eat my lunch and continue, but after my last pickup all my houses are done and im on lunch and take my full hour or maybe alittle more depending on how slammed i was that day.
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    Heff, it does make a difference. If you are on a mostly resi rte then there is no reason to not take lunch during the day when you are supposed to. You have no worries about missing business.

    If you are on a rte that is 90% business, taking your lunch at the end of the day is the worst thing you can do. The reason the rtes are both business and resi (equally or near equally split) is to accomadate for your lunch. And to have the time to get business done. If you can't take a break/lunch during the day because of the possibility of missing business then there is to much business on that rte. I do realize that you said the same thing in regards to this.

    The point is, we as drivers, should be unified in the times we take our lunches and force the company to adjust our dispatch to accomadate this. The only way that is going to happen is if every single driver takes lunch within the time frame given. Otherwise we might as well be talking to a brick wall.

    Newguy, don't get caught going over the time allowed for lunch. You will get fired for it. Stealing time from the company.
  12. New Englander

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    Nothing like stealing huh?
  13. BigBrownSanta

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    It's not stealing if you put the additional time in the diad. It's stealing if you say you took only 1 hour, but really took 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  14. non_bid_dawg

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    Agreed. How is that stealing? The driver is eating a sammich as he works and then sitting for his alloted break time at the end of the day. CAn you explain?
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    I'm sure there is a air truck that leaves the building at night. Call the building and tell them you are gonna miss the air car because you have to take lunch at night. After about the 2nd day of you calling and saying that, they will adjust your stop count so you can make it back with taking your full lunch. It might take longer depending how thick headed your sup is, but they will eventually get the Big Picture
  16. Forty6and2

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    is it really a violation of federal law if a driver skips their lunch?
  17. Jones

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  18. Forty6and2

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    my supervisor is a big fat liar then because he/she told me that it was a violation of federal law if i skip my lunch.
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    Federal law does not mandate employers to provide a lunch hour or break, but does require that the company pay you for all hours worked.

    State law dictates whether the company is required to provide the employee any time for a lunch or break. That time varies by state. Some states require 1 hour, some only mandate breaks, and some, such as my state do not require any time be provided for a lunch.
  20. Jones

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    There is no federal law regarding lunch breaks. You can check out the differing state statutes and regulations here