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  1. ZIPPD

    ZIPPD Robert

    I am a swing driver, about 1 1/2 years. I requested an 8 hour day a couple of months ago. No one else had requested that day 8 hrs. When I went in to the depot i had not only the regular drives work about 80 stops, I had 120 stops for the day. ( Not out of the norm at our center. adding extra work to swing drivers ) I was told there was nothing they could do . I had to do it.
    What are your thoughts?
  2. LU710

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    My thoughts are: you requested an 8hr day; if it was granted by the contract; then they agreed to releive you from duty after 8hrs of work. Work your 8 hrs. and go home and let them figure out what to do with the extra stops.
  3. danlin

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    Make sure your request is put in within the allotted time. It differs in some supplements, I believe its 24 hours in the central states. Then at 2:30 on the day of the request notify the center that you won't be finishing your route in 8 hours" punch to punch hour lunch". Also throw in the word "Missed" they hate that. At our center they have been good at granting 8Hr requests hell one guy asks just about every other Friday! Don't let them feed you any of that rhetoric about 8 hours planned day on their report. My time study is so far off I run 2-3 hrs over allowed everyday!! And I think I am one of our best drivers. Figure out your average stops per hour and multiply by 8 and don't forget to count your pickups. eg....15 stops per hour X 8 =120 ergo I have 29 pics so 120-29=91 stops nothing more or less and hope your freeloader has his head outta the sand that day. (we are still not on PAS he he).
    IF you end up doing over 8.5 hours of work by all means file file file. the new contract I believe has monetary penalties for UPS not abiding by the contract with respect to the 8hr request. Good luck.
  4. over9five

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    Don't flame me, because I'm not sure, but...

    If you bring back work, wouldn't that be considered job abandonment? Or is there language on this in the new contract? I would be skittish about bringing back work because I had more than 8 hours. What if it were pickups you had to lose to make 8? Would you skip those too? Zippd, don't assume that the advice you get here is accurate! I don't want to see you get fired for something you "learned" at BrownCafe.

    I think the right thing to do would be to finish your work, and grieve it tomorrow.

    I'll look it up later, but does anyone know?
  5. danlin

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    Dear Zipped just reread your post. There is always something management can do.
    Being a newly swing driver they think you will run your butt off to get your 8hr request and skip your lunch as well. So they pack the stops on you and hope you won't say or do anything. Believe me I have been in your shoes and think I have seen it all in my 28 years as a driver . Just be honest and follow the methods and you will be alright, god bless all you swing drivers I have done it and it is now walk in the park. Hope this helps.
  6. danlin

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    We have had a business agent tell us to just bring back the work as well.
    But I would be a little skittish as well. I still like the idea of calling the center at 2:30 and explaining your dilemma as well as putting it in their court. Might come in handy at panels later on if it goes that far. I think a good rule of thumb is work as directed and grieve later.
    Remember "no grievance no problem" is the way UPS sees it. A steward once told me.
  7. ZIPPD

    ZIPPD Robert

    I dont want to file if I dont get the 8, i want the 8 at the time. It is important that I get it at the time due to the fact I am a single dad
  8. Ms.PacMan

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    I totally agree.

    Do your work and then grieve it the next day. However, tell your center manager with a steward present that you plan to file a grievance the next day if he doesn't come up with a solution before you hit your 8 hrs. that day.

    ZIPPD - single dad meet single mom. You will have to find a solution to whatever comes up because you will NEVER be certain of the time you will finish work. Just do the best you can.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You are a single dad and a swing driver trying to get a F/T driving position which would offer job security, benefits and a pension. Don't throw this all away by raising a stink over the 8 hr request. PLEASE don't listen to those who advise you to simply bring the truck in at the 8 hour mark and go home. Swing/cover/casual drivers do not have the leverage of a FT driver and therefore need to suck it up and play by their rules until such time as you become FT. This may not be what you want to hear and may not seem right but we have all been there and your time will come. Good luck to you.
  10. Cardboard-n-Asphalt

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    Work as instructed. If there is a grievance to file, file the grievance. Don't return to the center after 8 hours leaving stops on the car. That is grounds for termination. Filing the grievance, and it will take more than one, will help to establish the pattern of your being denied 8 hour requests.
  11. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    If you are a dues paying Teamster and you are in good standing, you have as much "leverage" as any other member. The difference is that many "casuals" would rather use the "run-your-butt-off" method or "show-up-one-hour-early" method rather than learning the contract and using the information to benefit them.
  12. outta hours

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    Best way to assure yourself of being able to make it to something you need off early for is to call in. The contract language regarding the 8hr. request is weak at best. You can grieve it for 1 1/2 times penalty pay in my local. But that's after the fact. We are not allowed per our supplement to return to the bldg. in 8hrs. with any missed pkgs.
  13. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I'm an unassigned driver and was wondering how exactly does the 8 hour request work for us? We have PAS/EDD so would the dispatch sup have to pick an unassigned route and try and keep it at 8 hours? If I'm the unassigned driver and would I get to run the route regardless if a more senior unassigned driver wants to be on that route that day?
  14. tourists24

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    Never bring a run back in with stops left on it (bad idea). If you are a driver (bid or unassigned) and have an 8 hr request, then the company is obligated to have you in within 8 hours of work (not dispatch). If you have more work than this and end up going over the 8 hours, then you have a grievance. Here under the atlantic supplement language, if you work over 8 1/2 hours then you are entitled to an automatic 2 hours penalty pay at double time rate, as well keeping the 8 hr request you worked through.
  15. Bubblehead

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    Look here, the answer is simple. There is a reason you are getting a myriad of answers and opinions. The remedy and language regarding this issue varies from region to region. Get with your BA and steward and find out how this issue has played out in your local in the past because you are definitely not the first encounter this hurdle in your center. I know what I would do but that is irrelevant. The biggest problem with the advise dispensed on this site is that we are not all operating under the same contractual language.
  16. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Guys 710 has the best 8 hour language in the country! They bring the truck back with all the deliveries and missing their scheduled pick ups right at 8 hours! I wonder if any one has been fired for coming back 10 minutes early with 25 stops?
  17. tourists24

    tourists24 Well-Known Member

    Is that really the language in 710? Crap Im jealous...lol

    Bubblehead,,, good response
  18. LU710

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    Brothers, Although our Local 710 agreement does not exactly come out and say to bring the stops back; it has been our position in our building and a few other buildings that I know of to return to the building and punch out in 8hrs.
    I am not suggesting for anyone on this board to do this based upon my statements here at Brown Cafe; check your language, past practice, and with your BA. This issue does not have to be as big of a problem as it is. As another poster stated all areas may have different agreements or positions.
    Here is how we address it here. 1)File for your 8 hr. request with a 48 hours notice before start time. 2)Company grants or Denies request based on seniority and contract language. 3)Once granted come to work and do your job by their methods, in a honest fashion, and to the best of your ability. 4) If by around 1pm you know that you are not going to get done in 8 then send a message letting them know. I normally tell our drivers if they dont get a positive response then call in around 2 and maybe again around 3 or 3:30.(communicate, communicate, communicate) 5) Then head back to the building allowing yourself time to travel back and whatever time you need back at the building and punch out and go home in 8 hrs. as they agreed to when they granted your 8hr. It has been done by myself and many others. Keep in mind we are not trying to be radical by bringing it back. We are simply excercising our right to have 2 hr. requests granted per month.
    The point being you requested to be releived from duty in 8hrs. because you had something you needed to do or wanted some time off; not to work 9rs. and then have to file a grievance that will get heard possibly a month down the road and in the meantime you missed whatever it was that you want to do on that paticular day.
    We have also had drivers that are not comfortable bringing it back; this is also fine with me as long as that driver that chooses to stay out there and deliver doesn't expect to get an additional 8hr request above and beyond the 2 that the contract allows.
  19. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Doesn't matter which route you are on it is managements job to honor your 8-hr day.

    Yes, a senior driver can run the route they had planned for you that day. If that happens then management has to adjust whichever route you end up on.