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    We're having a massive over 9.5 problem in our ctr. Our management team had a pizza & beer meeting with the drivers after hours last week. They blame the problem on the drivers putting in 8 hours. We are a 44 driver ctr so on any given day we can have as many as four drivers with an 8 hr. Monday thru Friday we normally have four drivers requesting an 8 hr. Now my question is, are we a strange ctr or is this happening all over the US. According to our local management team they have checked with other ctr in Wis., and only our ctr always has the max drivers requesting an 8 hr every day. Is this true?
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    That is the lamest thing I have heard management try this year!

    8 hour requests are a contractually negotiated right.

    Management has the obligation to factor that right into their staffing and dispatch planning.

    Insinuating that exercising a contractual right is the cause of them chronically violating another part of the contract is ludicrous and amazingly balsy.

    If I was your local steward I would be tempted to file an national Article 37 violation stating the local management team is violating the respect issue by treating us as if we were stupid. [​IMG]

    Beyond your management insinuating that using your contractual rights is the problem (as a proof they are calling you stupid) you could do the math of their pathetic excuse for their inability to honor the contract.

    Four 8 hour dispatches.

    That amounts to 360 minutes of labor laid to blame.

    Four times the 1.5 hours they could have put on those guys and not go over 9.5.

    Divided by your 44 drivers amounts to 8 minutes each.

    Is your workforce only going into violation by 8 minutes, doubt it.

    Yep, this gets my vote as the lamest management claim of the year.
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    Ok2bclever, thanks for the reply. So far your response has been the best yet. I've also asked this question on Teamster.net. Anyone else?????
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    I would keep putting in those 8 hour requests! Don't let them scare you!
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    Is it too late to pay for you to go on the cruise? I cant take a full week of you reliving the past!
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    Slow day in southern New Hampshire?
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    Well......he did ask for more opinions......
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    Not happening here. We are running 8-9 hour days almost across the board. A few 9.5-10's , but they are rare at this time. We have seen it happen the other way too though, and if cornered this would be an excuse that I would fully expect to hear because.....ultimately some drivers will buy it and blame the one's getting the no OT days requests honored.
  9. I will have to talk to my center manager tomorrow our sup. told us that there are no more request 8's......
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    It's always a slow day in New Hampshire...:happy-very:
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    They are honoring 8 hour requests in our building. I haven't heard of a single instance when that wasn't the case. I took a split off of the guy next to me today to relieve him of work on his 8 hour day. Business as usual.
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    I told my supervisor I was handing in a 10 hour request tomorrow morning. I don't mind working up to 9.5 or a little over every now and then, but this everyday thing is getting ridiculous.
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    The problem in our center is a real 8 hr day is now 8.5 ---We have this thing called RTB(return to bldg)Example RTB is 18.50--they expect you to be back within 10 minutes of this---They have moved our sporh also---3 months ago it was 12.40--now it is 12.60,and if you have a plan day of 9.55--they just go and move the sporh up a couple hundreds and put you below 9.5 ---its called in the corporate world --more for less
  14. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    If every driver that is violated according to the 9.5 language would file a grievance, your problems would dissapear very rappidly, I assure you.

    8hr days are not the problem, we have 7 allowed in our center, and have 6-7 being used every day, yet we are 90% under 9.5 every day.
  15. Coldworld

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    Is this because mgt is leveling out stops better, or folks running to get the excess done????
  16. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    There is no running, that would violate the methods. Don't get me wrong, we have the select few runners and gunners, but management is trying their darndest to keep every one under 9.5.
  17. Coldworld

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    That is refreshing to hear...hopefully the driver group appreciates the effort, since in other parts of the country this isnt happening, at least from what I can tell from posts on here..and from my own neck of the woods.
  18. grgrcr88

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    Has anyone been filing 9.5 grievances? It never ceases to amaze me how people(not saying you) complain to high heaven about a contract violation, but will never filr the grievance to get it corrected!!
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    Depends where you are working.
    If you are on an extended route,-(per union contractual agreement)-, in my part of Texas, you have no grounds to file a 9.5 grievence and the "union" supports that stance.
    So under these conditions, my average day is 10.5hrs and has been for years.
    I have been pulling 11 and 12hrs days over the last two weeks.
    -(gotta love the cost cutting metric)-
    It sucks, but at least I am banking my bucks in preparation for my Central States Pension meltdown.
  20. Coldworld

    Coldworld Bad mall cop...no donut!!!

    good point. there are many 9.5 out in my area, but seems nobody is paying much attention to them until they start cutting triple time checks. Managment cannot run the amount of cars that they need period, they are told the car number by bean counters and that is that!