.85 cent pay increase?

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    I've noticed on my paycheck, that I was given a .85 cent pay increase.

    Is this due the cost of living or that being there almost 6 months. I thought it was supposed to be a dollar, yet thinking it isnt as much might point towards a cost of living raise.

    As anyone would say, they wouldnt argue any type of pay increase. But I will, because it can and perhaps will be taken away at any time. If they do, they will get a mass of people trying to argue the fact it isnt there anymore. Due to the increase, only makes me want more time on the clock instead of paying me less, and willing to work longer thus harder during the week.

    Please, induse your opinions and facts. I am looking foreword to your words.
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    this has already been discussed. The new contract ratified last year, gives 35 cents raise Aug1 '08 and Feb 1 '09. The extra 50 cents is a "catchup" raise because otherwise, people hired afer to Aug1 2008 would be making more than you would be because the new contract has 50 cents more for new hires after their probationary period.
  3. ORLY!?!

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    AH I see... very interesting, and thanks!

    Yes, I was already given a 50 cent raise after my 3 month probation period. And not even a month passes and I see another .85 cents, struck me kind've odd.

    I could've read that in one of these thread topics on the issue, but rather ask informed people as yourself. And that's what teh interwebs is all about (quick information and / or...->) SERIOUS BUISNESS!!1

    Thanks again! :peaceful:
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    apparently you jumped in at a good time.
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