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    I am in the Alabama district. I am going to be filing a 9.5 grievance on Monday. What is the result after winning the grievance? Thanks.
  2. Jones

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    Depends. If it's your first grievance, your name will be placed on the 9.5 list, and thereafter any grievances you win will result in you being paid triple time for all hours worked over 9.5.
    If it's your second, or a subsequent grievance, then you will be getting paid the aforementioned triple time.
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    The other result will be a target on your back. Cross your T's and dot your I's from now on.
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    Here you go speeddemon - your new avatar.
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    To expand on the "bullseye on your back", here at our center you will get a 3 day ride from your on-car to determine why you are going over 9.5. You will be scrutinized in every aspect of your day. Just follow the methods and you should be fine but they will be looking for ways for you to cut time off your route so you can make 9.5 and avoid them paying your penalty pay.
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    If you have a copy of the NMA contract read article 37. if not, get one.
    I don't know if you are in the Southern Conference but if you are the language is the same ( I think). then add the following little tidbit at the end.[​IMG]
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    Sorry for the messy looking post, I couldn't get the PDF to C&P as text.
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    It's a shame you get a target on your back for trying to get done in the amount of time those targeting you agreed upon when they signed a contract.
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    I have a different take (imagine that) on the 9.5 issue. I would like to see us be able to file on this not only if we work over 9.5 but if our dispatch is 9.5 our higher, regardless if we complete it under 9.5 or not.

    Let the flaming begin!
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    You wan't to file because you were "dispatched" over 9.5 but you actually did not work over 9.5 . I thought you guys did not believe in the "numbers" . Man you kind of set yourself up on that one......
  13. Dragon

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    If you can file for that, then I should be able to discipline (fire) an employee if they were dispatched under 8.80 hrs and they worked over 8.81 . Sounds fair to me!!
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    That actually makes a lot of sense, outside looking in. [/truth]

    That actually makes a lot of sense, especially because grieve and fire are the same thing. [/sarcasm]
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    Actually Newbie if we recognize the over/under allowances. which probably 99% of the drivers say are unfair or incorrect, then we give validity to the skewed numbers game.[/TRUTH]
    As Dragon pointed out, once the allowances become a contractual factor in our lives we have no choice but to reach those numbers or face binding discipline(= termination). I would hope that no bargaining unit employee would want to be faced with such a noose around their neck.
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    Yeah it wouldn't make since for us to file over being dispatched over 9.5 when we all know that the min/max ranges change with the click of a mouse anyway. I've planned 10.00 on a route that was in the yellow and also planned 8.0 on on a route that was in the red. Yeah that makes allot of since!
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    I actually want the Union to get a freaken backbone. Was this "new" policy on over 9.5 what we voted on in the contract?

    No it freaken wasn't. It was a list we had to sign once every 5 months for protection. We didn't have to qualify for protection first.
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    My question is this: How can the contract still be negotiated after we voted? We should all treaten to walk off the job because our contract was changed after it was ratified and demand each party to go back to the original agreement which was one of the reasons many people voted Yes... The contract is with us not the union but it seems the union is making more and more concessions that arent in our best interests... We pay our dues for them to represent us when needed not for them to work for UPS...
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    Because Article 37 contained this alarming language, and, as usual, the members voted for it:
    "The 9.5 Committee shall also have the authority to adopt guidelines to ensure that this Section is implemented in such a way as to balance the Employer’s need to protect the integrity of its operations with an employee’s legitimate need to avoid excessive overtime."