A/C in package cars

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  1. burco8080

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    Should we as union employees push to have A/C put in package cars in the next contract?
  2. cachsux

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    Unless you have a route with distance between stops where the PC will actually have a chance to cool down inside then it would be a waste of a contractual demand that could be better used for the retention of medical benefits,etc.
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    Does your truck get warm in the winter? I'm not talking about like your personal car, but def. warmer then it would be without heat, correct? Makes it at least bearable. AC would do the same thing in the summer. Not to mention, one little pipe going into the back would make a world of difference.
  4. menotyou

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    A/C would be grand, but treating employees fairly would be so much better. I don't think it should have to be a contractual issue, though. Don't the sups have A/C in the cars they use to stalk us and to shuttle pkgs?
  5. rod

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    A/C in package cars? Nice idea but it ain't ever going to happen. UPS's first argument would be how much extra fuel it takes to run an A/C pump. You would have better chance going for a good fan mounted on the dash in every package car.
  6. superballs63

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    Instead of A/C, I would like to see the "new" package cars equipped with something along the lines of what the post office has in the back of their cars. Like the little "A/C" vents we have in the cabs of the trucks that prop open, the post office has 4 of them in the back. So we could pop them open to get "cooler" air coming in and then hot air flowing out. Its not the IDEAL situation by any means, but when its over 100 degrees, anything would help
  7. soberups

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    As a practical matter it would be virtually impossible to equip a conventional package car with functional AC. Retrofitting AC to the existing equipment would even be more difficult and expensive, on the order of several thousand dollars per vehicle. The nature of the job is such that harsh climactic conditions are something that we will always have to contend with. A better and more likely solution would be improved 9.5 language or even an outright "hard cap" on the number of hours we can be forced to work on days when the temperature exceeds a certain amount. Like it or not, we are going to sweat and freeze our butts off no matter what changes are made to the equipment.
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    What are you talking about? The piping is already there for the heat. Same with the blower motor. All you need is the compressor and condenser in the engine compartment. A pully, a few pipes and a switch to turn it on and off. I would say that telematics was more costly to install.
  9. papasteve

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    I don't think UPS will ever install A/C in their package cars,mainly due to the cost factor. However, they should install a venting system that would reduce the unbearable heat in the back end. A drivers safety and well being should be top priority. Before I retired,I would take my 6 weeks vacation in July and August just to avoid the heat and the blast furnace effect you get when the bulkhead door is opened. It literally drains you! Perhaps somebody can run this by automotive before contract negotiations begin. My idea.............install louvers in bulkhead door and an exhaust fan on back wall beside rear door. This should cool the back end down somewhat at very little cost. I think it's worth a try. Until then, stay as comfortable as you can under the circumstances.:anxious:
  10. iamupser

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    Probably more practical to say NEW package cars be equipped rather than trying to force a retrofit. Maybe try for ALL must have and settle for NEW?
  11. tardus

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    I heard that at our building, A/C was actually removed from new package cars to save maintenance expense.
  12. iamupser

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    That happened on the Dodge Caravans I know.
  13. Old International

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    Good luck. UPS was forced by the DOT to install A/C in the tractors. You are in and out of a Pkg car so much that A/C wouldn't do you any good. I like saving the money, and putting it towards our health and welfare plans.
  14. cosmictrucker

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    Retrofit, never. If the diesel electric hybrid ever becomes standard, I see a/c as an viable option powered via the battery pack.
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    We used to have several commuter style vans in delivery like the dodge sprinters, caravans, and Ford econolines. I am not sure about the econolines, but I know the caravan and the sprinters both came with A/C standard from the factory and it was removed before the vehicles were put into service. The thing about A/C is that it needs time to cool the air down each time its turned on. By the time you get from one stop to the next the A/C may just begin to get cool, but you now have to open the doors and rush out to make that next delivery bringing the cab temperature equal to the outside air. The only guys that would be able to benefit from it would be the rural routes where they have 75 stops and drive 250+ miles. Otherwise its really a waste of a contractual demand. Also, if it were to be demanded it would probably only affect new package cars, not current ones, and considering there are still package cars in service that lack power steering it would be decades before the entire fleet would have it.
  18. toonertoo

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    I actually deliver out of the back door more often just to let some hot air out. The outside temp is bearable, the inside temp is the killer. Knowing if you leave your door open one nano second while delivering could ease the heat, but you will be caught, puts us in severe jeopardy. Cool the inside down to like 100 or lose your livelihood for trying. We dont need air, at least in Ohio, we just need management to say, yeah, open the door for a short time and air it out a bit. But no that nasty TSA is out there waiting, give me a break. Especially when there are heat warning, and they do nothing to lessen the work day. Silliness. Be human.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I disagree. As has been stated above, AC in pkg cars would not be practical.
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    A/C in package cars could be a safety issue. It takes your body some time to become acclimated to the extreme heat like we're having now.