A call to Maryland UPSrs

Does anybody here work in Maryland? If so, could you give me an idea of the turnaround time from PT to FT in your hub? I’m a PT letter carrier who’s thinking of making the switch to UPS. I make a good hourly rate at USPS now (more than double what I would make PT at UPS), but due to the results of this years mail count, the future is looking somewhat bleak. For those who don’t know, every piece of mail you deliver over the course of 2 weeks is counted, and your yearly salary is based on the results. This year, every single route in my office lost about 3 or 4 hours per week in pay. I’m afraid it’ll get even worse by the time I get my own route, which is one reason why I’m exploring other options. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
As has been said in many posts concerning the wait for FT from PT varies greatly. IT comes down to a building by building situation. My best advice is to contact someone in the centers and talk to them. Sorry, I can't tell you anymore than that and I doubt anyone else can either. I would be surprised if a new hire can make the turn around in less than 2 years anywhere.