A comical tale of a preloader.

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    Ahh.. Today, was interesting. I started loading my 3 trucks, then half hour later the sup says that I'm actually supposed to be loading a truck that isn't there. Keep in mind, half hour later, thus half hour of packages down the belt. So they rearrange the trucks, get that all going. Day went great. About 7:45, the driver for the added truck comes in, and asks if this was my mess the whole shift. I personally thought I loaded that particular truck pretty well. So, the air truck stops, and the re-labeled packages all go through. Well, there's about 50-60 packages left over from that first half hour that got sent back. Had about 10 FL1 2 sq ft boxes, at the beginning of that 50-60. You can just imagine how well that truck got loaded in a whole of about 5 minutes.

    Oh, don't say wow you're gonna get bit**ed at. The supervisors were watching me and agreed with it.

    How's that load lookin now?
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    Your title is so right. Preload is very comical.
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    I think every preloader has loaded that style at least once.
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    Dont worry, one day you'll do it wrong.
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    I had tacos for dinner
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    So what you're saying is management screwed up and you had to try and clean up their mess.....we see it all the time