A delivery for the record books!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by reydluap, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. reydluap

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    I made a delivery today that has to go in the record book! Here in SE Iowa today it reached 97 degrees and the humidity was high. Hot Folks! Any how, I pulled up to the front of a house to make a delivery and sitting in the front yard this residence sat a late 1970's Chrysler New Yorker with the trunk lid up. As I got closer to the car I noticed a blue plastic tarp hanging out the sides of the trunk. I walked up beside this car and there sat a VERY large woman wearing a sleeveless Tshirt in the trunk with a garden hose running the water into her "home made pool" in the trunk of this car! I KID YOU NOT! She said "It sure is hot out here." I just busted out laughing and walked back to the package car. I hope I don't get a complaint on this one.

  2. switchoff

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    I guess she, nor the weather, was hot enough for you to jump in their to cool down with her, eh?

    I bet she was tracking that parcel and just waiting there all day for her 'man in brown' to show up.
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    Face it dude, she wants you!
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    Hehe I have one for the books... (first week driving) I go back this ol country road..
    go to deliver, front yard is fenced, like they have a dog, so I proceed to the back deck... there is where I stumble across a bubbling hot tub...

    Lets just say I kept my eyes down, and set the package on the deck, and said "have a nice night"
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    I once had a college student sign my diad while one of her breast used the rest of the diad as a resting place.
    I told some of the guys at work and they of course wanted her address.
  6. ups79

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    fredly:that's why you are supposed to scream "UPS", "UPS" as you walk around back to leave a DR.