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  1. Cardboard-n-Asphalt

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    If a metro run is created in your center, consisting of a 1/2 day in delivery, after which you would return to the center, saddle up in a tractor and spend the second 1/2 of the day making pick ups, would this run be bid in package or feeders?
    The run would require a CDL as well as feeder training.

  2. helenofcalifornia

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    I sure hope it is a package bid and not a feeder one. I cannot see anyone in feeders willing to deliver for four hours out of a package car, then hitting the big rig.

    UPS is getting quite creative these days.
  3. outta hours

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    I my local it would be and has been bid as a feeder job. Many feeder drivers usually apply since it is day work. The trade off for a 1/2 in pkg. and the ability to be home at night is appealing to many nighttime feeder drivers. At least in my local.
  4. rod

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    but it envolves actual "work":wink2:
  5. xracer

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    Most centers have separate seniority lists for package and feeders so a combination job should not be allowed but if it were it should be given to the feeder classification because of the greater pay scale and required qualifications.
  6. brownrodster

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    My center has a daytime feeder route that delivers packages (out of the feeder trailors) then does pickups. Only open to feeder drivers.
  7. bvshearz

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    It has to be feeder bid.I'd say because a normal package driver isn't feeder qualified.
  8. cachsux

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    My hometown center, very small, has driver positions like this. The guys who have it like it. A peak or so back they actually had guys delivering smaller business stops out of a 28` pup as all the package cars were full up.
  9. Scoot

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    Our center has started doing this in the last year. They have actually eliminated pkg car routes to do it. The residential stops are split up amongst other routes in the loop while the feeder driver delivers the commercial in the a.m., and heads back to the hub to grab the big rig and do pickups.
  10. bluehdmc

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    where are the handrails on a trailer to get the 3 points of contact?
  11. diesel96

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    If schedule entails any Feeder work, then this route will be posted in Feeders. High probability a newer/xtra Feeder driver will select this bid work due to his/her familiarlity with DIAD and Pkg Center performance demands. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, nor will he/she accept it.....JMHO
    I suspect if no Feeder Driver selects this work, then it will be assigned to the junior qualified driver....