A few questions. Salem, OR hub?

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    Let me preface this by saying I've only worked at UPS for four months and don't really pay attention to :censored2: outside of moving heavy things and putting them in trucks.

    Currently, I'm working preload at the Portland hub. I have a cheap living opportunity down by Salem, is anyone familiar with Salem and/or surrounding hubs (Abany, etc.)?

    I hear negative things about the Portland hub, but I don't find it that bad. Are the aforementioned hubs any good?

    I'd like to transfer near my living opportunity and use Earn and Learn to go to school down there. But I'm unfamiliar with how transfers work. I've read I lose seniority, but I'm not really sure what that practically means. Would I be pulling the :censored2:ty duties again? Would I "reset" my time until I'm a driver?

    Again, no idea what I'm really talking about. Any light you could shed on transferring and Salem and the surrounding hubs would be greatly appreciated.

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    First and foremost, change your username if that's your real name.

    And just use the search box in the upper right corner, there's a treasure trove of info here, even though it will vary depending on your area .
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    That uhhh... wasn't my real name...
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    I am pretty sure that you have to have at least one year on the books before you can transfer.

    Might be easier to quit and get rehired.
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    Would that be a bad move? Like I said, I'm only 4 months in (not even) over here in Portland.
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    Talk to HR.

    They won't let you transfer but they may let you leave under good terms so that you reapply at Salem.

    Were there no openings at Salem when you first applied?
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    I wasn't looking at Salem when I first applied, this new housing opportunity is a recent development. Doesn't actually look like Salem is hiring right now, but I wasn't sure if open positions might be different from transfer positions, which sounds dumb now that I've typed it out. Albany, a nearby town, is hiring for package handlers however...

    Edit: nevermind just found a Salem opening on Monster
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  8. I work at Swan Island too and it isn't too terrible. I just looked at the new employee packet that they give us all and educational transfer is at a year. Quitting and being rehired is the best technical option at this point, but with our low retention rate for our center you will likely be pressured into staying. There is also the possibility of being blacklisted for rehiring for a period of time.

    So definitely call Ben Vedus, our dedicated BA for our local 162, and talk to HR (in that order.)

    Or transfer to Twilight and suffer with me. :D
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    Thanks for the advice! Does Twilight need anyone? I'd much prefer the twilight schedule. You guys still get tuition assistance, right?
  10. You get tuition reimbursement as an employee, flat out. It just depends where you are going that you either get a voucher up front, such as Portland State (and I think PCC,) or reimbursement through Edcor several months after passing.

    As for us needing people, yeah. I know a couple of experienced sorters that are calling it quits and migrating to day sort where things are easier and more relaxed. So there'll be some openings there if you want to keep the skill pay. Otherwise it'd be on a load line sadly.

    Edit: On average I clock in about 5 - 5 1/2 hours on the shift if you are curious on the average shift length. Recently it's been 17:00 start, 21:50 feed cut, and 23:00 night sort start. If you are interested, ask your super for a shift change form or grab one from IPLD (by PD-3.)
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    This will depend upon whether your area is having retention issues.
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    Here, if you quit before a year of employment, you get the dreaded "No Rehire" status
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    As it should be, unless there were extenuating circumstances.
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    And these are not those.
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    ...and those are not them...
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    I was told 6 months to transfer with a manager signature and union signature. If you can wait it out that long until your six months you should be able to keep your seniority. My understanding is if you quit you've gotta wait 2 weeks to be kicked out of the system to be rehired.

    If you end up in Albany, be aware there's 2 huge choke points on the 5 before you can get back into Salem. If you're out at 08:30, you're not gonna be back for 09:00.

    Ben is a great guy and the union steward in Salem is an awesome person.
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    Neither the company or union are going to waste their time with a 6 month employee requesting a transfer.

    Quitting and being rehired, if properly coordinated by HR and mgt at both locations, can be accomplished without any missed days and without being kicked out of the system.
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    You gotta be careful with getting jobs off of monster and other sites. They'll post jobs based on online postings from months earlier.
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