1. W

    RPCD qualified for feeder work trying to get into feeder department full time

    I am a full-time package driver that qualified for feeders in July 2022. I am out of DENCO/local 455. I, along with 7 others, are listed as cover/back-up drivers qualified for feeder work and go back and forth between packages and feeders. I have been trying tirelessly to get into the department...
  2. myreqoil

    using your seniority to not work

    im aware of using your seniority to get the work thats available before others...but is there anything in the southern agreement that states one can use their seniority to not work. for example: demanding to be sent home before others with less seniority... more specifically, giving a lower...
  3. M

    Clocked out but was being forced to punch back in. (I am a driver)

    So basically there is this A-hole supervisor who just started and is making me always do stuff after i get done with my route. (I reside in California so I have no clue how the union works out here or what my contract is). Today however, I got sick of it and just walked away. A couple of things...
  4. A

    Senority Date/ Vacation time earned

    Hello everyone, I have quite a conflict going on here! I recently on January 1st quit UPS to go to Fedex. Ultimately due to life changes I decided to come back to UPS for the guaranteed hours and better benefits. I would have reached my 5 years in July which means 3 weeks of vacation instead of...
  5. meritocracy

    Filing grievances before hitting seniority?

    UPS recorded an incorrect start and end time on my time card. They haven't fixed it after I brought it to the attention of a supervisor, so I'd like to file a grievance. The issue is that I haven't reached my seniority date yet. Given that I don't have seniority, is it a bad idea for me to file...
  6. PackageGhoul

    Position bidding and Seniority.

    Teamsters Local 52 here. I had an interesting discussion with a few UPSers regarding bidding on available positions and requesting to take on a second shift position in order to become a "full-time" worker. After speaking with a few supervisors and receiving conflicting information I have...
  7. B


    So, bids are posted for P&D and filled. Here's the question, #4 bids to the morning dock- effectively making his start time before #1. Since #4 bid to the dock can him/her be sent out on a P&D Route before #5,6,7,8 etc. Has started their shift or even before #2 and #3 . They bid to another...
  8. W

    Hourly to management seniority

    Does anyone know how seniority works if you go from hourly to management? If I’ve been on preload for 10 years and then decide to go into management, do I go in on the bottom of the seniority list because I’ve never been in management? Do I get to keep my seniority above another supervisor who’s...
  9. R. Mutt

    Seniority and following your work after a sort close (central supplement)

    I tried the search bar but came up with nothing on this situation. I have 6 years seniority working PT. I was working in hub operations on twilight, bid to work Revenue Recovery and got the position. At the time the hub was only working twilight and preload but a day sort was created. I was a...
  10. U

    Same seniority date as others

    Got hired the same day as two other drivers (all 22.4 combination drivers), all have same seniority date. Who gets priority when a new route becomes available or when a RPCD spot opens up? Thanks so much
  11. V

    Seniority issue

    Recent graduate of integrad. Haven’t drove yet. Guy with more preload seniority set to graduate this week from integrad. Will he get to qualify before me or will my integrad graduation date supersede his. Thanks in advance
  12. Heyump


    I load, and sometimes when it's overflowing I have to close the chute (manual belt) and clean up the floor of the truck. My part time sup got angry with me about it, had a full time top dawg come talk to me about it. I made the point that our safety should be the priority, he agreed and that was...
  13. R

    Sup sends me home early everyday

    I’m a pt package handler. I’ve been having issues with my pt sup that have caused me to go from being the last one there every night to being sent home 3 hours into the shift basically because she doesn’t like me. Everyday she sends me to unload and then home even though I’m a assigned to...
  14. B

    30 day progression NOT being honored

    So I applied for a full time driver position, completed the integral process and have been working for UPS for more than the 30 work days required to officially become a full time driver. Management says because the last few weeks have been peak season that they are unsure if I can handle the...
  15. C

    Seniority/Hire Date/Date Of Employment/Date Of Hire Confused

    How can I get exact date to get the right rate of pay-seniority-vacations? My vacation sheet has one date. My date of hire on teamsters pension paperwork is the same as vacation sheet. Even though vacation sheet is supplied by company. Company shows my seniority date different. Everyone calls it...
  16. P

    Did the driver progression change?

    SIAP. Haven't started driving yet but my position has changed so I start soon. Why does it seem like top rate is after 2 years. This is on upsers under contract impact statement.
  17. M

    Question about seniority and light duty workers

    Can a unloader with less seniority bump me out of my preferred position in smalls because he told sup he thinks he has a hernia and wants to work small sort? Sup then says that I would have to unload since there is no one else to take his place. Can I greive this?
  18. CowboyDuff

    NEW CONTRACT and what it means for current rookie driver?

    So I just made seniority back in March , does that mean I’m stuck in the old contract or will this new agreement increase my wages and cut my top pay down from 4 years to 2 years. I can’t seem to get a straight answer in my building, thanks?
  19. Zephyr823

    Courtesy Positions

    Anytime anybody tries to point out that they would like to take a vacant/new preferred position. Our steward says they aren’t assigned by seniority. They are a “Courtesy Position”
  20. UPS PT VET

    22.3 (inside full time) going to 18 months seniority over 20 year sen. On Topic

    HELP I have a PROBLEM. Lathrop CA is a new building, about 18 months in operation. A lot of high seniority “10-20 year” part timers followed their work there, ALL others hired off the street (around90%). A lot of these off the street people went on to be drivers and starting obtaining Full Time...