Absurd lunch rule today

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  1. Article37

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    My center manager told me today that I can no longer go home for lunch. I live on route and would only be driving 3/4 mile to my house from my last stop. I have filed a number of 9.5' and believe I am been targeted selectively by him now. My shop steward recommends filing a harassment greivance tomorrow. I have been driving to lunch whether at home or to fast food for the last 12 years (always on rte). What do you think?
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    File the grievance. If you live on your route there is no reason you shouldnt be able to go home for lunch. There are rural route drivers who drive several miles to find somewhere to eat or go to the bathroom. If it hasnt been a problem for 12 years it shouldnt be a problem now.
  3. tieguy

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    pause a second.

    Did he say why he does not want you going home for lunch.
  4. Article37

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    He said that it is a way to save on fuel costs and adds to my overage. I am only in the hole +120 average daily. There are guys +2 and +300 and he must be trying to set an example, if you file 9.5 we will @%$* with you.
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    Until this is resolved, he can't stop you from walking home...
  6. pp from dc

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    im a noob but what is a +120 and those figures mean?
  7. tieguy

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    Walking home. I like it.
  8. tieguy

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    route has a time allowance. He is running an hour and 20 clicks over the time allowance. We used to get shot for being .30 clicks over. times have changed.
  9. StopCount

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    Yes they have; 200 is the new 0.
  10. sortaisle

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    plus 120 clicks...100 clicks is an hour over allowed on what UPS claims your route should be done in. The new rule over in the WA district and it's probably the same everywhere is 9.5 and your done. If they dispatch you over 10 hours more than 3 days in a row, then you have a right to file a grievance. As for the lunch problem, your management is being a little on the harsh side. If there is a way for you to work your resis that your hood is right where your lunch lands, then he has little to say on the matter. If your on the PAS system, have a talk with the guy who dispatches your route, if your on the old chart system, then get with your management and get it changed. Most managers and on car sups don't mind if you use your lunch time and your 10 minute breaks to get you to and from your lunch. That's probably the best you can hope for. If you feel that you're being targeted, then there's nothing wrong with protecting yourself.
  11. trplnkl

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    Just a couple of things I would like to address here. The "dispatch" is irrelevant to the grievances for over 9.5, it's the time worked that is considered and it's over 9.5 worked for three days in the same week.
    Do not drive your package car while clocked out for meal time, if you have an accident during that time you can get fired for doing work off the clock.
    This is just plain harassment and an attempt to punish you for filing the O/9.5 Gs. The center manager's reasoning makes no sense, the reduction of a mile and a half from you usual day is so inconsequential that is is....well... ABSURD.
  12. upsdude

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    Does your center manager live on your route? If so, go to his house for lunch, his wife could use the company.
  13. stevetheupsguy

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    I totally agree!!! Staying healthy and pissing off the man.

    This is soooo true.

  14. dupa

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    file, and prove past practice, its how im still going home and its on the route next to mine
  15. speeddemon

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    What BS. Why has this company so full of ******* managers. Dont they realize if it got down to the brass tax on following the contract to the letter, they stand to lose way more, as a whole than we do?! But hey if he wants to play it that way, make him suffer.
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  16. BigBrownSanta

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    If gas usage truly is the reason for not allowing you to go home during lunch, then maybe you should mention that if forced to take lunch in a hot or cold package car, then you will have to run the engine for your entire lunch hour.

    My package car has a fan under the rearview monitor, and in the summer, I have to turn it on to stay reasonably cool. I'd hate for the battery to run down during lunch, so I run the engine.
  17. 3 done 3 to go

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    They cant stop you from taking lunch on area. Especially if u go to your house. As said above save resis that are by your house. You can go to a strip club for lunch if you want to. As long as you are clocked out for lunch. You can always park the truck at the end of you drive way and walk to your house
  18. JustTired

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    What's the closest restaraunt to you at that time of the day? If it's more than 3/4 mile, go there for lunch for a week or so. Or better yet, take your lunch in the middle of the day. If this causes you to miss deliveries or pick-ups (which I still don't understand), they will figure out that they should have left well enough alone.

    As someone stated earlier........if you follow the contract and methods to the tee, it generally will make for a longer day with more miles and missed pkgs. Of course, what do you know....your just a dumb truck driver (lol).
  19. 3 done 3 to go

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    Also, are any other guys in your center that live on route who go home for lunch. Ask around if they too are being harrassed about it also..? If not your case will easy money
  20. 3 done 3 to go

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    I used to take my lunch at the end of the day also. Move it to the middle of the day. At 12/1. That will screw there plan and you could file for a month of 9.5. Request a time study every time they harass you. I'm sure you will have 10/15 stops pulled if you keep reminding them how much more work there is now compared to 20 yrs ago when they probably did the last study.