Accept pay freeze for future stronger contract language

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    Would you accept pay freezes in the coming contract for BE ALL END ALL 9.5 language, strong and acceptable article 40/22.3 language and expectations for job bidding procedures, hours, pay rates, etc.

    I am thinking, for one, of double time payrate after 9.5 hours language. If the company wants to work you for 60/hr after 9.5 hours not relieving "normal and containable" overtime problems , that is really great money and would probably be the point where a driver would be foolish not to accept being a 100k driver for the next 4-5 years through 2017-18. Any time over 9.5 or 47.5 weekly = double time.

    Also, for any inside or inside/outside 22.3, ntl contract should have double time beyond 9.5 or 10 hours instead of regional "time bonuses" and tit for tat.

    NO WAGE DIFFERENCES INSIDE/INSIDE versus INSIDE/OUTSIDE. That is unacceptable. Any layover or "dead time" should be coded as employees inside part-time rate according to seniority, otherwise all inside FT employee or FT air driver is paid the top rate as of July 2013 , near $26/hr.
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    I will not vote for a pay freeze. Down the road those penny add up down the road that is why we may $30 now if we voted for a pay freeze they will expect it every time.
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    Those pennies do add up, so do those 12 hour days and your body/physical health and also mental health. Also, double time is a heavy price to pay for excessive OT -- those pennies are in your pocket, too.
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    I would take a pay freeze to keep the Health and Welfare and Pensions strong.
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    The minute UPS starts to struggle, I will entertain the idea of a pay freeze. Until then I continue to quote Henry Hill in "Goodfellas" . . . . . "F&!k you, pay me!"
  6. Anonymous 10

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    No way Jose
  7. UPSGUY72

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    You would never get UPS to give you double time over 9.5 if you did they would ensure that nobody worked over 9.5. Then we would be out OT and pay raises.

    I'll take my $1.00 yr +/- pay raise since I only worked more that 9.5 a handful of times. I'd loss money on the deal.

    If we got a average of $1.00 a year over the next contract and say it's a five contract years and we passed up the raises. This is how much the average driver working an average or 1900 + 250 OT hours would loss over those five years those losses would keep increasing as we would never get the raises that we gave up.

    first year +2275
    2nd year +4550
    3rd year +6825
    4th year +9100
    5th year +11375

    Total $34125
  8. Bristol Brown

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    If telematics come to the UK there is talk that the members will be pushing for a massive pay rise in line with what American drivers earn roughly £25000 per year.

    If we have to work like the Americans do then its only fair we should earn the same especailly given that the cost of living is far lower in the US than it is is in the UK.
  9. rod

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    Apparently some of you have already forgotten about CEO Scott and his 78% raise that he had no trouble taking-----Why would anyone even consider taking a pay freeze or any concession for that matter. There is nothing wrong with wanting "more". If you don't take it- they darn sure will.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...and to reduce the disparity between PT and FT wages.
  11. YouKnowWhoIam

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    Not a chance in $!#@! This company continues to flourish on my sweat while they continue using the "bad economy" line to push production.In fact,not only wouldnt I agree to a pay freeze,I want more...more...more. Besides,whens the last time you saw management abide by our contract? Show this company any weakness and theyre sure to exploit it. I do see what youre saying,bigger increase in overtime pay for the excessive overtime,but why sacrifice ANYTHING in order to get what we DESERVE? I give them an honest days work EVERY single day,I want an honest days pay EVERY single day.
  12. upserr1

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    no pay freeze strong wording with enforcement of 9.5 benefits stay the same and pension based on hours worked with minimum 40 hours and a freeze on union dues now since we reallt don't get any representation
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The multiplier on union dues is set by the union and is not a contract item.
  14. bumped

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    I want health and welfare contributions paid after 8 hours. I think that is the leading factor of all the overtime hours especially the over 9.5.
  15. JonFrum

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    In New England, and probably some other places, pension and H&W contributions are made on all hours worked up to a weekly maximum of 40 hours. Straight time and overtime hours both generate contributions so long as the 40-hour weekly limit has not yet been reached.

    A driver on overtime costs the Company an extra $15.42 per hour.

    A driver who has already worked 40 hours in a week, usually by sometime Friday, saves the Company $15.17 per hour in Pension and H&W contributions for the remaining hours of his workweek.

    Might as well work the drivers until they drop.
  16. JonFrum

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    Overtime is an extra $15.17 per hour.

    Pension and H&W contributions are $15.42 per hour.

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    We now have only one minute to edit our posts.
  18. DS

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    Bristol,I'm in Canada and we make approx $3 less an hour here than our friends just south of us.I really doubt you will be able to honestly expect anything close to a massive pay increase.We've had telematics here now for almost a year,and I've found it doesn't really affect anything except producing more reports for them to look at every morning.
  19. UPSBluRdg03

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    As long as the company continues to beat expectations and predict record profit there is no reason for anyone to even listen to the idea of wage freezes. Like said above, UPS is bank rolling off of our sweat. They expect more from us and we should ecpect the same in return.
  20. cachsux

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    You ask if feeder employees will accept a pay freeze for the above changes in the contract yet none of those will affect feeder employees. So, uh, no.