Accident during seasonal driving

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    I was a season brown car driver and was involved in an accident first week of December were a basketball hoop blew over and struck my package car as I was driving by I was told it was a tire 1 near miss I was given my safety ride after and post accident assessment and continued driving rest of season very successfully now this week I work in hub again do to seasonal being done for season wnd was bidding on a full time driver spot and was told the the accident was put in as avoidable and I was not qualified to receive a bid due to it what can I do why would they let my drive over a month if I was a safety concern then not allow me to drive when a bid comes up for spot I need help I really like driving and don't want to Lose bid over something I could not have changed
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    Firstly, if your username is your real name, change it immediately.

    Second, try using some kind of punctuation so that your points are easier to read for someone that wants to help you.

    Third, being an employee already doesn't really eliminate you from what all seasonal or new hire drivers go through. With that in mind, most seasonal & new hires get fired immediately when they have any kind of accident.
    In your case, they kept you on all season. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you can win a bid after having that accident. if no accident, you certainly have a case.

    I think you may just have to wait a year and try again, without any accidents. Good luck.

    PS Very few accidents are deemed avoidable by management. Even if someone hits you, you are still at fault in some way. Usually it's that you weren't aware of your surroundings.
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    I was told hitting a dear Is considered an act of God and unavoidable so a basketball hoop get blown over seems about the same. thank you for input I was afraid that was going to be case I've already been working here for 4 years I don't think I can wait another year to go full time at my age especially not if they can use me when it's convenient for them and deem when I'm not
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    If you been here 4 years you should know they really don't give a :censored2: about you. A branch could fall from a tree as you drive by and it will still be your fault. You're screwed.
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    Being here for 4 years you should know by now that when they need you rules go out the window. Happens all the time everywhere. You are outside your window to grieve the accident but good luck on your ventures
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    I mean it could have blown over, but you probably hit the basketball net.
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    He means use certain buttons on your keyboard. If you have completed a sentence, use the button that looks like a dot on the lower part of the button, usually somewhere on the right of the space bar. This is called a period. If you're only pausing, perhaps to take a breath, use the button that looks like a period with a tail. This is called a comma, and can be found somewhere to the left the space bar.

    Hope this clears things up for you.
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    I kind of chuckled when I read his account.
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    If its windy enough for a basketball hoop to blow over then you don't drive by basketball hoops.
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    Fixed it for you.
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    That sounds like the kind of horse crap they would pull up. My local won't go near little things even if its something as small as a garbage can or a mark in the curb, then there's the person who stepped in wet cement. You probably will just have to wait for the regular disqualification period to expire like me. It could be worth having

    We had someone last year booted for a basketball hoop falling onto the car. If both cases are to be believed, it's possible the turbulence near the vehicle causes them to fall over if you park up against them.
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