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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. moreluck

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    My Plan for the census is to NOT answer any questions because I don't trust the association with ACORN and their handling of my personal info. A census is a count and they will know the # in my household.

    I will give them the # of people who live in my home, and that's all.
  2. Jones

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    Only a criminal with something to hide would have a problem providing all their personal information.
    Your refusal to cooperate with the authorities in this important matter will be duly noted, and your name will be placed on a list for future reference.
  3. moreluck

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    Let's see how much personal info. you give to the next caller trying to sell you something !! Census is a count and I will give them "the count" at my house.

    I don't trust this group !! During the election, they said they were to sign up voters....turns out (with proof) they were all for getting Nobama elected. They are not a trustworthy group.

    I won't screw up "the count", but that's all the info. they'll get from me. They'll have to go to my neighbors and try to get info that way. I don't trust that group!!! If enough people refuse to give out their personal info., what can they do?

    The idea of a cencus cracks me up. They want to know how many citizens live here, but they don't give a flying :censored2: how many illegals drain the system daily.
  4. scratch

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    The only thing ACORN can count accurately is the amount of taxpayer's money they are ripping us off for.
  5. pickup

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    Go ahead give your information. it won't be used to do anything against you. Just look at the Japanese Americans who dutifully answered their 1940's census. The same info was then used to target them to be rounded up once the y had the relocation camps set up. Funny, no German-Americans were sent to similar camps.
  6. moreluck

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    I figure the gov't sends 10,000 social security checks to dead people......I'd be in my 90's by the time they caught up with me and my indiscretions. LOL !!:happy-very:
  7. wkmac

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    I told the US Gov't to pound sand in 1990' over the census and I'm still walking around and otherwise causing mayhem but it did get very ugly and I'm not sure you're prepared to go to that level. Face to face with gov't power eaters is not something I believe you are prepared to do although I admire your spunk. I'm all for kicking over the apple cart at any chance but be prepared for the cart pusher to kick back.

    If you are willing to play "Jethro Bodine" here's an idea. From what I'm hearing, one question on the census is do you have a flush toilet with the key word being flush. Is the word flush definded in the question, kinda like the word "is" if you will? No it's not so answer No to that question especially if a nosey gov't leech shows up asking questions. Tell them none of your toilets are flush with the wall or floor and in fact all you toilets sit above the floor and out from the wall. Of course they'll argue and just argue back that everyone knows all toilets flush so it has to be that flush means in relation to it position to wall and floor and not how it processes waste. Again, insist flush is not defined and just take that sucker and run with it. If you can waste the time, just run them in circles and they'll just give up, mark down what they can and move on.

    Someone asked why they would even ask such a stupid question to begin with but being they are central planners it would make sense from a water use standpoint but then could the gov't obtain water use records from local water departments and plot trend graphs based on actually data? I also jokingly but half hearted thinking true that the question serves a pyschological purpose in gaging peoples willingness to comply with gov't even in the most stupid of reasons. Conspiratorial? Yeah but then I'd respond, Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq War and Wall Street bailout so maybe not as farfetched as we'd all like to think it is!

    Good luck in your moment of State Defiance! Let me know and I'll order you your own "V" mask!

  8. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    OOOOO! Good one!
  9. moreluck

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    As Bartles & James would say....."Thanks for your support.":happy2:
  10. wkmac

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    Taking a que from PickUp a bit comedic if you will on my part(thanks to Pickup) I wonder if ACORN and Obama would use census data for torture purposes or better yet, torture you if you fail to comply?

    Oh I hope they do and big time. Nothing like having someone else sending you new friends and comrades!
  11. pickup

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    Believe it or not , there is a fine for not complying. I believe a 100 dollar fine for not returning form and 500 or 1000(not sure ) dollars if you send a form back with falsified information.

    this law has been on the books for decades, but so far no one has ever had to pay the fine.
  12. over9five

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    Well, More wouldn't be falsifying anything. She would simply not be answering any questions she didn't want to.
  13. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    I'm with moreluck.
    But after reading all these posts I plan to increase the number in my household.
  14. pickup

    pickup Well-Known Member

    then in that case, she is in the same position I am as I have no intention of anwering any questions.

    Here is something very interesting about what the census takers are doing this time around. Holy GPS, batman
  15. scratch

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    My Federal Tax Return already lists who is under my roof, why are they wasting money on this? I don't like the idea of ACORN having anything to do with this in any way. They already deal with people who don't pay taxes, so why don't they just go out and count them?.....several times.....:wink2:
  16. moreluck

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    When it comes to ACORN, I don't plan to forget just who they are. They will change their name, but I will not forget!!
  17. toonertoo

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    I posted on this awhile ago, and it was under the Bush administration, and it was not pretty.
    I filled out my lengthy form but that was not good enough.
    They decided to PICK me for one of those special only 16 1/5 % of the population censuses that I was chosen for 4 darn times.
    It got a little annoying, 730 am on a saturday. You answer questions once and then they come out and check, I removed my land line so they could not call. It got so bad.
    How many people live here, yes I can answer that , I said 2. She said, "are you sure only 2" I had to reiterate every question asked.
    How many hours did I work last week. "50 55 Im not sure" she said "could you check a pay stub?" thats when I said, no, you are suppose to ask how many people live here, and take my answer, not question my answer, and the IRS knows what I make, you do not need to. And she never once showed documentation. My stupid for not requesting it.
    Then my husband had a heart attack, we were sleeping weird hours if at all when he came home, and here comes Merry Miss Census. Waking us up at 8am, and saying this will only take a few minutes. I complied again like an idiot, til she got to crap they did not need to ask. I told her to leave and physically helped her to the door after I was kind enough to let her in at all.

    About a month later we were on the way to his 4 wk check up, she pulls in, "this will only take a minute" I told her we had an appointment and we had to go, she didnt want to move, I told her I could move her, she left, then the incessant phone calls, which is why I took out my land line.

    About week 8 my husband decided to go start his Harley, and was so excited to be alive and go take a scoot around the lake.
    And she showed up, asked him to shut off his bike, and answer her questions................So I have expected to see black helicoptors and IRS stuff in the mail since...................since I wasnt here, but I know it couldnt have been good......
    And then they picked me again....
    I called the 800 number, and said I do not want to volunteer for this crap anymore, nothing has changed, I still work the same amount, he doesnt work, no he is not on disabilty, and no we will not rent the house next door. They are really concerned about my rental that is no longer a rental.
    I havent heard from them since, every time I get a letter saying I have been picked for a survey I tell them 2 people live here, leave me alone.
    yes I would say they were intimidating and bullish, but I wasnt in the mood so they lost for now.
    I dont know who runs it, dont care, I will never ever give them more than how many people live here. Not how much I work, not if I have flush toilets, not If I use my garage for anything but parking a vehicle, not how far I drive to work, or how long it takes. Not what utilities I have or how I heat my home. Screw them, any govt agency, stay away.
    And the reason is redistrictring.
  18. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    You are correct that the fine is $500 for false info on the form but one of the reasons nothing much has ever come of people not complying is the fact that the Constitution (I know it's seen as worthless paper but bare with me :wink2:) only authorizes a head count (Art. 1 Section 2 Enumeration) for the purpose of apportioning direct taxes and representatives. They have to do a head count to apportion the correct number of representives to a given geographic area. Anything beyond a head count which as many of you have pointed out in this day and age is so easily obtained by other gov't sources for the larger majority of us is not authorized. I believe this is a major reason no one is fined for so-called non compliance.

    Now like Tooner's nightmare, it won't mean the process and dealing with these folks won't be a pain in the kuzoo and Tooner sounds lucky that she was dealing with someone not on a power trip as the several folks I confronted back during the 1990' census. I had to deal with some folks who were attempting to use force under manipulation of law to insure my compliance and some may try that stunt, thus the warning I gave to Moreluck. You may have to push back so be prepared.

    As the year creeps towards the census, I expect the word from civil libertartain lawyers and advocates to start getting out on what the law is, precedence and your rights so keep an eye and ear open for some good advice. Keep your cool no matter what, be respectful no matter what, stay polite and even cheerful no matter what and record everything. I only had a tape recorder but it proved priceless along with a nosey neighbor.
  19. wkmac

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    Thread hijack for pure comedic value.

    Pretend for a moment that you are from a far, far away land and you've just found this thing called a computer and the internet. For some strange reason you are looking for something about the color brown and in a search engine find this thing called Browncafe. And at Browncafe you venture around and find this area called the current events forum. Now looking through you scroll down and see a title of "Acorn Census" and not being from around here you think, "This might be an interesting read to learn how squirrels do summer inventory of their potential fall acorn harvest!"


    Right after I saw your thread title, I saw a few squirrels ripping around the backyard and I just had to laugh thinking about your thread title! Now everytime I see it I think of nut counting....wait a minute.....considering who we continually elect and send to elective office at every election, that's exactly what the census is.

  20. moreluck

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    Being "nutless", then I'm not worried !!:wink2: