Act of God to not deliver residential stops

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    I tried to claim this (obviously jokingly) to my center manager. I used to only do business' but now have a resi 'split' (which appears to be permanent). Well, three days in a row I had a run in with dogs that escalated which could only be the hand of God at work.

    Day 1: A little midget dog barked and growled at me in an intimidating way... I skipped that house obviously

    Day 2: A dog PEED on me... It was friendly, I petted the little fellow which I guess felt real good so he relaxed and off he went going wee wee on me

    Day 3: I noticed a big piece of plywood blocking a door. Obviously a dog present so I shook the gate. I then yelled 'UPS' and got no answer. So, into the yard I ventured. I was halfway to the door when the owner of the place decided his dogs needed to go out. I hear a short, deep voiced kind of 'woof' and say, 'Oh s****' while running to the gate with repeated exclamations over and over. I hurdle the gate and turn around to see a german shepard and a doverman's body hanging over the top of the fence barking away and looking at me like I'm prime rib. The owner comes out and proceeds to tell me, 'they're friendly'... Yes, I can tell that by the ravenous look in their eyes and the spittle flying at me while they're foaming at the mouths to eat me!

    Well, anyways, after I explained this to my center manager he replied with, 'Well, we'll find out if it's really an act of god by the end of the day.' I ask, 'Why?' He says, 'because you'll either be back at the center after you finish your route... Or a dog will have eaten you'. Thank center manager :happy-very::peaceful:
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    this is a very funny post.... entertaining... good job... lol
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    I am offended on behalf of all the "Little Dogs" out there. They didn't choose to be "Little".
    The use of the word "Midget" is inappropriate.
    The day 2 issue is probably a direct result of your disrepect of the Little Dog on Day 1.
    Day 3 was because you obviously didn't catch on..
    Don't make us go to "Day 4" status.

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    I think you should start carrying biscuts.
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    Last Friday while delivering in the hood (and I mean this is a dump of the first kind), I beeped the horn on the truck, rattle a gate, and call out "UPS!" because I think they have a dog (I'm a cover driver) but I've never actually seen it. Anyway, less than 5 feet from the inside of the fence are the stairs and porch. Confident it is safe, I walk up the steps ring bell and and deliver the "basic" package. I am on my way out, get my hand on the gate and look to my left and here comes the family Pitbull. Somehow I managed not to panic, just moved very quickly, and got out OK.

    The section 8 welfare mama that lived there comes outside, laughs and says to someone on the inside "he got in the gate and the dog didn't notice!" and then says to the dog "what kind of Pitbull are you?!". All I could say to myself was "Are you f'n serious?".

    I hate this job sometimes.
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    Section 8 welfare mama. i like that. lol:happy2:
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    Free or reduced lunch for the kids but you can buy dog food. Lovely.
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    And probably smoke 2 packs of cigs a day.
  9. Shifting Contents

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    and go sign up for it all in your escalade with a system
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    Don't forget $60 worth of lottery tickets a day.
  11. Richard Harrow

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    If only she didn't spend so much money on the dog, maybe she could have afforded a house that wasn't falling down around her.
  12. dilligaf

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    This is the best advice given. It is the fastest way to get most dogs to be your best friend. I hand out dog biscuits like they were halloween candy. I do make the dogs earn them though. 1 - they don't get a biscuit until I get to the door and 2 - they have to mind their manners to get one. IE: SIT UBBU SIT. Of course this is not a hard rule, sometimes one has to think quickly while running for the gate. :happy-very:
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    I stopped the biscuit handout after I couldn't get a swarm of dogs out of the truck at one stop.I just didn't want to hit any of them. I would rather see a disappointed dog than a dead dog. We were recently told not to carry biscuits because some customers complained. Their dogs were on special diets because of health conditions and biscuits were not on the menu.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I had a customer on a previous route that used to home brew his own beer. I DR'd a package which I guess contained brewer's yeast which one of his dog's decided to eat. Turns out brewer's yeast wasn't on his menu as they had to bring him to the vet and get his stomach pumped.

    I don't carry biscuits.
  15. IWorkAsDirected

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    I always asked before giving them out. These days, just like us humans, many dogs have diabetes and cannot have carbs, or are limited.
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    Dogs with special diets. Now I've heard everything...
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