Active lifestyle + Package delivery possible?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Scuderia, May 3, 2013.

  1. Scuderia

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    Well I'm part time right now, in small sort (10 years), so it's easy to maintain an active lifestyle. But I do want/need to go driving. Is it even remotely possible to maintain an active lifestyle while driving? I'm pretty much just into road cycling (easy on the joints). Do any of you drivers do sports on the weekends?
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    talk to STUG

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    I think by that you mean hyper-active. Dude's like the Energizer Bunny
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    I play soccer in an over 30 league on Sunday's, no formal weekday practices. I also run 6 miles every other night, depending when I get off work. I try to squeeze in a 20 minute elliptical hill climb afterwards, totaling around 1.5 hrs of cardio on workout nights. Due to my hours (usually get home between 830-900) the children are getting ready to hit the sack when I come home, I do my workout time after they are asleep.

    The wife takes care of cooking dinner and making sure they get their homework done, after she gets home from her 9-4 job, 4 days a week. We all spend time together on the weekends, and enjoy it that much more for the same reasons we can't during the week. All of this can change slightly due to how my route does for the day, if its Friday and the kids don't have homework, or if its summer. The reason I'm telling you this is one thing UPS driving teaches you is time management. Used properly you can do it all, used incorrectly and you'll struggle balancing everything. All of this is dependent on a good wife and well behaved/educated children.

    Hope this helps looking into the life of one who struggles making it all balance, yet still manage to do it.
  5. jumpman23

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    all depends on how your body feels and age. Alot of guys who played alot of sports when they were younger probably physically cant do it anymore. Depends if youve had any surgeries and stuff like that, also what kind of route you have.
  6. PiedmontSteward

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    The gym I frequent is a 5 minute drive from the hub I work at - I see about a half dozen different package car and feeder drivers there throughout the week that workout during their lunch.

    Granted, they aren't dead-lifting 450 lbs and then doing wind sprints until they puke. But they get their ticket punched.
  7. chevyman05

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    Its easier for me to workout before work than after. I run 5 miles 4 days a week. Other days pushups pullups with some weights. The days I run I have more energy throughout the day. Good luck
  8. barnyard

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    I used to ride enduros during the summer. Gave that up 3ish years ago and am planning on trying a season of cyclocross.

    If it would quit snowing here, I would get out and start training as I would also like to try and do a couple of century rides this year.
  9. Indecisi0n

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    I actively watch tv all weekend.
  10. TooTechie

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    When I first started driving my idea of being active after work was getting off the couch to go to the bathroom. Four months in now and I go for walks or bike rides with the kids a couple nights a week and on the weekend I'm fully recharged and usually am up for whatever they want to do. The job is a workout for me so I don't think I could also go to the gym daily on top of that. I'm now down 32 lbs since I started and still getting in better shape by the day.
  11. jumpman23

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    you better save them knees chevyman your going to need them unless you dont care about having double knee replacement before you retire. Of course all depending on how many years u got left. You would think the last thing you would do is go out and run a couple miles and tear your knees up even more after your killing your knees all day on this job. Dont get me wrong im not dogging ya at all cause everyone is entitled to do what they want to do im just saying to me, in my opinion, is that it is foolish to kill your knees more than what we already kill them with this job. Like i said thats just my opinion totally not dogging ya at all so dont take that the wrong way man
  12. Jones

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    You can do it. When I was running ultras I could put in 50+ mile weeks consistently and I kept that up for quite a few years, I've slowed down in my dotage but I still get a workout in 5-6 days a week. Like anything else outside work you have to make it a priority or it won't happen.
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    I bang the old lady every two weeks and I'm a landscape warrior on the weekends at my house. I can also drink most men under the table but I'm not bragging.
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    Lol. My wife is wondering why I'm laughing. By the way, you need to move that up to once a week.
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    Well bud it takes two to tango.
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  17. Returntosender

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    There was time where I could take being thrown around and hitting my head on mats and I would'nt feel anything. now I get tossed and hit my head takes a few seconds longer to get back up.
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    Pro Wrestler?
  19. Scuderia

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    I like riding in the mornings too. It's especially nice in the summer months, and the wind is calm too. Works a lot better than downing 10 cups of coffee.
  20. DSM515

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    You should be fine. The way is see it is I don't work my butt off not to do the things I enjoy in life. Work to Live not Live to Work is the way I rolls.