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    I'm a UPS customer and wondering if "Adult Signature Required" means that ANY adult can sign for the package it or just the recipient itself as put down on the package. Reason I'm asking: If a minor orders something containing "adult goods" (alcohol, firearms, porn) over the internet with his address and the package gets delivered during school hours can ANY adult person sign for the package? Consider only the grandmother being home. She might just sign for the package not knowing its contents and then just leave it for her grandson without ever noticing it's not really something that shouldn't fall into his hands. Or will the driver always make special note to the person signing for the package that it is "Adult" if it's not the recipient itself?

    If however the package is ONLY delivered to the recipient as noted on the package, it could - rightfully - not be delivered.

    Would appreciate any insight
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    If the minor comes to the door, they can not sign for the package. Grandma though can. It doesn't have to be signed for by the consignee, just an adult.

    And stop ordering porn on the internet young man.
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    Adult signature required means that the person who signs for the package must be 21 or older. Generally this is limited to deliveries of wine but there are other shippers who may choose to use this option. The package must be signed for by someone of age at the address on the package. We cannot indirect these pkgs.

    There are several options available to you if you want to make sure that you are the person who signs for the package. First, you can track the pkg and make sure that you are home on the scheduled delivery date. Second, you can call the toll free number and ask that the pkg be held at the center so that you can pick it up there. Third, you can call the toll free and ask that the pkg be forwarded to your place of employment so that you make sure that you are the one who signs for the package.

    It sounds as though you have concerns that this package may end up in the hands of a minor. I think your best bet is to have it held at the center and you would then have 7 calendar days to pick it up.
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    Thanks. So, basically it would be a good idea for the shipper to put an extra label on the box stating it contains "adult material" so that Grandma realizes what her naughty grandson had ordered.

    And no, I'm not the naughty grandson, though I can see how you might get this impressions. I'm actually working for the company that is shipping the "adult" goods, trying to pre-emptively avoid the mother's angry mail to our company when she finally finds out that her son was able to sneak the adult goods by her using the gullible grandmother to sign for his package.
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    Any driver who has been around for awhile can tell which pkgs have the porn.
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    true story-

    i was working with a new customer who was going to export plastic products to the EU and they needed help with the commercial invoice.

    when you do a commercial invoice, it needs 3 things -
    1. what is it
    2. what is it made of
    3. what is it used for

    i show up at their location, it it is sex toys. we came up with "plastic toys used for making sex". the packages got right through customs with no inspections. needless to say, they are on paperless invoices now :)

    i wanted to put "making sexytime" but they didnt get the borat reference.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Another option would be to send it to a UPS store, if there is one near you send it there, they will sign for anything, as long as you have an account with them.
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    So you are saying you are knowingly selling "Adult Material" to a minor? If that is the case, why bother putting an "Adult signature required" service code on it to begin with? Isn't that illegal in most states?
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    Point is: We don't know it's a minor! He might have just passed off as one upon ordering. The "Adult Signature Required" would be the last line of defense if you will.
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    What happened to the good old days when you simply found your Dad's stash of girlie magazines.:peaceful:
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    Fourth, you can address all such packages to me.
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    We ship porn ??? since when ?? I never knew this, I thought adult material was mortgage or insurence papers !!l:wink2::wink2:
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    If you would like you can make a few "test" shipments to my house to make sure everything go`s smoothly. The wife`s b-day is coming up and I`m stuck as to what to get her so this could be a "win-win" situation for both of us.
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    He might not be a minor. He may be a 20 year old adult, but UPS "adult signature" means 21.
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    we get whole skids of porn dvds and i have seen them busted open more then once....they are suppose to be wrapped in black shrink wrap or covered in some way...

    theres some freaky porn out there
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    Not in Canada. Up here adult sig. required means 18 or 19 depending on the province.